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Amphetamines in Chocolate and Aderall may cause Parkinson's, but reduce symptoms

Amphetamines like Aderall are implicated in causing Parkinson's as well as reducing symptoms. The way it might cause PD is by "wearing out" the dopamine system, but it also has been shown to act like pesticides and actually cause the bad a-syn protein to form. In looking at this, I came across two articles saying chocolate and red wine might increased risk of PD because they contain a chemical in the same class as Aderall (phenethylamine) that alleviates the symptoms. So someone with undiagnosed PD might migrate towards Aderall, chocolate, and red wine to alleviate symptoms, but also make the condition progress more quickly. One of the chocolate papers merely notes that people with PD consume more chocolate which could be why they have PD and/or that they migrated to it because it helps the symptoms.


The most disabled patients, including those also on levodopa, showed the greatest response to amphetamines.

amphetamine, and the herbicides, paraquat and rotenone, bind tightly and cause α-synuclein to adopt a more compact conformation.

We observed a near three-fold increased risk of PD in METH/AMP

These data provide evidence that meth/amphetamine users have above-normal risk for developing PD.

The elevated rate of prolonged amphetamine exposure in PD is intriguing and bears further investigation.

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