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Parkinson's Movement
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Coping with Dyskinisia

I have recently had the strength of my meds increased and I am so happy not with my almost normal mobility. But I am paying the price with dyskinisa on and off throughout day - usually for about 2 hours between meds. I'd love to hear from others who have the same experience. Is there anything anyone has found that makes them less uncomfortable while their body is twisting and turning?

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I had a little dyskensia & my doctor put me on Amantadine & it helped.


Thanks Laglag. That is encouraging. I'll ask my neuro about it.


When I have dyskensia I get relief riding a stationary bike for about 15 minutes. It makes me feel much better when I am controlling the movement and channeling it into the movement of peddling rather than have my body move involuntarily .

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Thanks for that suggestion Eileen. I'm going to go jump on my bike right now!!


Eileen. Your suggestion is wonderful. The dyskinesia stopped and my whole body calmed down after my session on the bike and I felt real relief.


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