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Dilemma continued

Hi every one thanks again for replying to my earlier post thought I would follow up with the results I chose to increase the times of the dosages I reasoned that better spread out the drugs so I would not suffer dyskenesia and so far it has worked . I am a bit dyskenetic but can cope with that it was the OFF times that bothered me more is that called Bradyskenesia? Don't know how long it will last but I will take what I can get only bug bear is 2 / a half hour reminder alarm programmed into my phone I am being dictated to by a machine .

Every day that passes is a day closer to a cure wishing you all the best

Sunny sky

Ps will ring u Andy

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I was advised by someone who is in touch with a number of PWP's who had noticed that doses of sinemet above 150 in one go seemed to provoke dyskinesia. I cut out the extra half I was taking at 7.am and now only have occasional dyskinesia. Coincidentally I started on Neupro 24 hr patches and stayed on 4 tabs sinemet a day My neuro does not want me to go above 5 tabs. so an increase in the neupro is the next move. . My other thought had been to do what you have done and take five sinemet at three-hourly intervals instead of 4 tabs at 4 hourly intervals but as you have found that takes some getting used to.


Hi paddy fields I can confirm that taking a high dose of leva-dopa definitely gives you dyskinesia my first dose at 6am is 200/50 Madapar and by 7.30to 8am I am weaving and waving it's worse now I'm taking a extra dose to stop the opposite of dyskenesia ,Bradykenesia it just dawned on me after I read your post that I've got to cut that back to the same level as the other doses 100/25 every 3 hrs but now changed to 2.5 hours what I'm trying to say is I think at least in my case smaller amounts more often is better than a big dose over longer time period I also use Neupro patches 2x6mg and 1x4mg total 16 mgs it's all a balance act isn't it but if we keep communication our experiences we all benefit. Cheers Sunnysky.

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