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GDNF not needed by the midbrain dopamine systemDate: March 4, 2015

"We decided to confirm the previous result using the mouse model Andressoo developed, and noticed that the complete absence of GDNF did not cause significant changes to the amount or function of dopamine neurons. Since the result surprised us, we wanted to verify it using two alternative methods, one of which was identical to the method in the previously published article," explains Dr Jaan-Olle Andressoo.

In addition, some of the experiments were conducted in parallel at Professor Anders Björklund's laboratory at Lund University. The Lund tests similarly indicated no changes to the dopamine systems or the behaviour of the mice. This clearly established that GDNF is not a necessary component of the dopamine system.

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What an odd conclusion.

This experimental method looked at the effect of removing GDNF from mouse brains. Removing GDNF did not cause the mice to have reduced dopamine levels, so the conclusion should have been

Absence of GDNF does not cause reduced dopamine levels in mice.

Mice do not naturally develop Parkinson's they have to be challenged by a toxin.

GDNF is thought to support neurones . Without a neuronal challenge support is not essential. One analogy would be, "The removal of a man's walking frame does not make him fall over." Of course not if he doesn't have a walking problem. Nobody would do as these researchers have done and imply that walking frames are not needed.


Scenario 1

GDNF removed from adult mice through gene technology causes significant damage to the midbrain dopamine system as well as triggers motor disorders.

Scenario 2

GDNF was removed from the mouse central nervous system towards the end of the fetal period through gene deletion, and the mice remained healthy until high age.

This is major technical difference, the removal of GDNF in the adult mouse causes PD like symptoms.

How is the absence of GDNF challenged in the healthy fetal modified mouse without introducing PD as test measure to challenge the absence of GDNF


?? Now changed in 2018 ?? >>>> single cases !! yes ,but still >>>>


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