Buying prescriptions from a foreign country - Which one is best and/or cheapest

To all, recently diagnosed with Parkinson's (2 days ago matter of fact). I long suspected it. I had many doctor visits for various symptoms and when finally went to Parkinson's specialist, confirmed in just 2 minutes. I was put on Neupro patch and immediately feel much better. The issue is how expensive it is. I got samples for a week. My insurance copay for this is very, very high and quite honestly I can't probably afford. Insurance is the biggest scam in the USA. You have to pay such a high premium then still pay high amounts for the meds, ridiculous. I had heard of ordering prescriptions from other countries (Canada, mexico) and hoping to get your experiences on this. If anyone would respond, it would be great. You can send a private message to me as well. Specifically looking for anyone ordering Neupro patches online or any Parkinson's meds online. Thank you in advance for any responses. We are all in this together.....

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  • I looked at Canada,but it about the same price. Are you on Medicare? Some of the part D insurance isn't too bad. Not good at that.

  • I found that the patch was expensive and with my insurance it was $85 per month but then I went in the doughnut hole and it is about $250 for the rest of the year. However, I contacted neupro and they will assist you depending on your income. Since we are retired and have a low income they gave us the rest of the year supply for free. It does depend on your income if you are still working it probably wouldn't help. If you think you could qualify let me know and I will send the tel. no. to call. Hope this helps.

  • I had the same issue then my Dr switched me to ropinerole tablets (same med just pill form) and insurance paid for it all.

  • Thank you for the replies. Much appreciated. Does anyone have a recommendation for a foreign pharmacy in Canada or Mexico? If you don't mind replying that would be great. You can also send to me in private message if you choose as well if you don't mind replying. Thank you to all.

  • India. Most pharmaceuticals for less than $100 a year. However, since the corporate machine controls the U.S. government, it is illegal to acquire inexpensive medicine. You must bleed money to the medical, insurance, and pharmaceutical establishments because healthy citizens are no longer valuable to the U.S. government or Wall Street.

  • Would you happen to know a name of a pharmacy in india?

    I thought you could order a 3 month prescription for yourself without persecution? I also have asthma and pay through the roof for my meds for that. I am sure you all relate to this. :)

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