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Severe leg pain

Has anyone suffered from severe pain in the calf of their leg. My PCP ordered an x-ray which showed no broken bones, I am having a nerve study done in a few days he gave me samples of Lyrica and has prescribed a pain patch. I am waiting on pre-approval on it. I have tried adjusting my dopamine. I have tried stretching exercises, but the pain is still severe when I put weight on my leg. I don't know what to do. My neurologist referred ,e to my primary cared doctor and I am seeing him.

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I have had severe sciatica pain since November and my calf pain for the past 3 weeks , trying to deal with it is getting tough. Primary doctor thinks calf pain is from all my back issues. After reading some of these posts , I'm not so sure ???


My husband was having leg cramps and we recently started taking 500mg Magnesium daily and the problem seems to have gone away. It's an easy thing to try.

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Hi, I'm very sorry to hear of the pain your in. I think it could be important to see a neurologist. I have Dystonia, ( in my case cervical, in my neck, upper back and shoulder blades). This has caused me to black out, and have fits as the pain is so strong.

Dystonia is due to the brain sending messages to certain muscles in the body to go into spasm. a bit like contractions in labour that doesn't ever go away!

The only other person I have met with this was in her leg, she also has the blackouts from the pain. Please remember though, that the fits or blackouts, if it is Dystonia or (another name for it being Torticollis) please excuse my spelling here!

Mine is controlled by 3 monthly Botox injections inti my neck, though this doesn't work very well for me.

If this is definitely Dystonia, use a wheelchair as I refused to for around a year, it has now caused me curvature of the spine in three places.

I once read a quote on this which remarked "Dystonia is a life sentence, and not a death sentence" this is very true.

I hope that for you, it is not this condition, and rather, a case which can be cured.

God bless, my hopes and prayers are with you!


Hi I have had a lot of pain in my right leg and my consultant cut down the madapar 2 days ago by 125mg but the pain I have in my leg as got worse did you ask if it was alright to take magnesia what medication are you on thanks hope your pain gets a lot better kind regards.


have you tried Tumeric? Its an indian herb you can buy a lot of places. I know my physician is so impressed he's starting to recommend it to arthritis patients. I get it bulk at Sprouts and encapsulize it myself but you can buy the capsules, and in certain areas you can get it fresh like ginger. Just pop it into receipes when you can, its hard to take too much. I have no pain except an occasional quick spasm. Hope this helps you, I'm always looking for alternatives to meds that give me side effects, horrible really...


Curcumin is available in don't have to pack them yourself. Very good anti inflammatory. Also ashwagandha is excellent for just about everything as it is an adaptogen. Cannot be used with blood thinner however.


Acupuncture is also great for Sciatica.


Thank you for your reply.


Ever try calcium magnesium? If it's like a charliehorse keeping hydrated and using ca/mg usually works for us.


I get severe calf crunching. That's what I call it. It feels like there is little person in your calves twisting the muscle. It is not RLS - it's related to dopamine amounts and dyskinesia. Try flexing your foot , toe points to the nose I have heard some Neuros do botox in the calve


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