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Leg pain in Parkinson’s

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I am writing this on behalf of a friend who is blind...

He asks, does anyone else suffer from constant foot and leg pain? He has pins and needles too and pain like electric shocks in his toes. Walking is almost impossible now because of this pain which he’s had for eighteen months.

Many thanks, Daphne

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Yes my doctor prescribes gabapentin

Has your friend talked to his doctor? Gabapentin can certainly help with the pain but he needs to find the underlying reason for the pins and needles. Could be getting neuropathy, could be border-line diabetic ...

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Dap1948 in reply to LindaP50

Thank you. I’m sure he has. He’s a retired doctor himself! I think he wanted to know whether it was a Parkinson’s problem that others were challenged with.

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Sapeye2020 in reply to Dap1948

I don't get electric sensation but constant leg pain when not moving. I go to an Acupuncturist for relief about onece a week

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Marimar70 in reply to Dap1948

Gabapentin for sure. Also look into ALA you can find at health food store or Amazon.

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Darcy3 in reply to Marimar70

What is ALA?

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Dap1948 in reply to Darcy3

Alpha lipoid acid. They sell it on Amazon It is an antioxidant made by the body.

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Darcy3 in reply to Dap1948

Does it also help toes which curl and are swollen?

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Dap1948 in reply to Darcy3

Sorry I don’t know. I was only answering your question! It’s supposed to help with nerve pain is all I know. Have you tried magnesium? You could try magnesium spray...

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Darcy3 in reply to Dap1948

Thank you. I will magnesium spray. It can’t hurt. I will look for it.

Silicone toe separators and baby lotion with foot / leg massage have worked for me. Good food or an all in one shake to regenerate nerves, muscles etc.

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Zardoz in reply to Thal

Thal, do your feet fit into your shoes with those toe separators and do you wear them to walk?

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Thal in reply to Zardoz

Wear oversized shoes with velcro.

Magnesium might help


Some of the pain and sensations sound like neuropathy/peripheral neuropathy (PN) and of course leg, shoulder, neck, back pain and other areas are common issues in PwP that can sometimes be relieved or helped with some PD meds. It seems like his doctor may have done a nerve conduction test to try and narrow down the cause for the pins and needles sensations. Do you know what caused his blindness and to what degree? If his doctor diagnosed PN, the standard supplements that have worked well in PN patients are magnesium glycinate, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl l carnitine, vitamin B1, B6, B12, NAC and of course melatonin through its potent antioxidative stress relief qualities, increased gene expression of the bodies own potent antioxidants, multiple radical scavenging effects, reduction of nerve damage and antiinflammatory effects. It has also shown some benefit in chronic pain studies, but I don't think I have ever discussed this aspect of melatonin on this forum. Of course melatonin has already shown benefit for PwP also.

As far as relieving pain in various areas of the body, you might want to discuss some of the 10 remedies I wrote about here keeping in mind that in some people the mag oil (MO) has shown benefit for common muscle pain as well as nerve pain.


It will come down to a lot of trial and error, but the above should offer him significant improvement of quality of life. If all of the above does not cause enough improvement in his quality of life (QOL), I can offer one other to consider, if needed, but the above should offer him significant relief and protection which may be enough for his particular situation. The 18 months seems like plenty of time for his doctor to have found out the causes for his pain and discomfort and if your friend shares that information, the forum may be able to provide more specific ideas for him.

Good luck to you and your friend!


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Dap1948 in reply to chartist

Thank you so much Art. Another wonderfully full reply from you!. I will pass it all onto him and see what he feels he wants to try.

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Gigi216 in reply to Dap1948

Yes I think Art has given comprehensive advice I’ll just add that B12 in particular helped my electrical sensation down my spine. Whenever I would look down at floor I would get an electrical sensation all the way from my neck to bottom of spine and I couldn’t feel sensation in my legs I couldn’t feel a needle stick etc lots of numbness. I think it’s called l’hermittes sign. But I feel if he takes Arts advice he will see improvement


You might let him know that there are studies for what I mentioned. Being a retired doctor, that will likely be important to him.


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Dap1948 in reply to chartist

Thank you.

I have had both pain and numbness. I addressed numbness from the knee down on both legs with a gluten-free diet. The numbness made walking, at times, an act of faith since I couldn't feel my feet. I asked my neurologist if gluten could be the cause and he said leg numbness was a symptom sometimes with celiac disease, but most doctors, as you know, don't believe in gluten sensitivity. The gluten free has alleviated (for now) that symptom. I also had right hip pain and sudden numbness on my right leg every time I moved from sitting or lying down to standing. PT has helped. The therapist feels I favor my right (stronger) side and have created an imbalance. Now that I am vaccinated fully, I have also started back on acupuncture which offers tremendous relief.

Hope some of this helps your friend.

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Dap1948 in reply to PDGal4

Thank you. I hope you continue to find relief.

My father had peripheral neuropathy with his Multiple System Atrophy. It is what he mentioned the most, and he blamed it for his problems with movement/falls - though I note that some patients with neurodegeneration of the cerebellum are unable to acknowledge / gain awareness of their movement problems (anosognosia).

I als suffer from leg and foot pain but fortunately im walking...i take Lyrica but doesnt seem to do much. If dopamine doesnt relieve it my physio said it could be piriforme syndrome. Trying everything to move it...no streching. Feldenkrais may offer some solution. Regards and luck.

Yes my foot and toe pain is constant. It most difficult to walk. What causes this in PDbpeople?

Actually I just went through this...and some of the smart folks here on HU suggested I rule out spinal issues. I had pain and spasms in my legs and glutes (especially on the left side, my more affected side, which is what made me think for a long time that it was PD related. Turns out I have fairly severe spinal stenosis at L5/L5.

The good news: the pain isn't PD. The bad news...likely surgery.

If his pain is bilateral and equal on both sides, it's more likely to be PD although it can still be spine related...

Spinal stenosis symptoms:

In the lower back (lumbar spine)

Numbness or tingling in a foot or leg

Weakness in a foot or leg

Pain or cramping in one or both legs when you stand for long periods of time or when you walk, which usually eases when you bend forward or sit

Back pain

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