Need tips for weight gain

I would greatly appteciate suggestions for gaining weight. I am 68 years old and was diagnosed 6 years ago and have lost about four pounds a year. I take sinemet and an agonist which diminishes my appetite. Also more foods make me feel bloated so I avoid them. Also the protein restriction caused loss of muscle mass. All suggestions welcome.

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  • Does breads and/or pastas hurt meds? I would suggest bread every meal , potato's at a meal maybe pasta daily that should help increase your weight, I was losing like a trooper then it all turned around and I gain 30 lbs, it was just so bad for my balance etc, now I am watching the serving sizes and when I dine out I eat half bringing the other half home, I also have my BIG meal at noon instead of early evening, I have lost 9 lbs WOOT WOOT!! Good luck!

  • I have started on the pasta. Thanks

  • My husband lost 50 lbs over a four year period which we deeply regret. He lost almost all muscle mass because Parkinson's involves a "wasting" of muscle mass. Ihave spent the last year trying to help him gain weight back from the loss. He also has the same problem with bloating and the doctor told him it was a "motility" problem with moving through the digestive process. There are meds that can help with that. Many people drink and extra Boost or Ensure product which do have added protein but husband watches the time frame so the protein doesn't interfere with the Sinamet. He has gained about 20 lbs by drinking a special Boost VHC vanilla that we buy from Amazon or RXusa. It has 530 calories per 8 oz carton.

  • This has been so helpful.Had no idea.

  • Thank you for your support and idess

  • Thank you for the excellent ideas!

  • My neighbor gets medical grade Ensure from his MD to gain weight.

  • In US or UK?

  • US

  • Going to see Primary Friday and will ask him for a script for it, Thank you ever so much,

  • Good luck & good health

  • Thanks !

  • Thank You! ( will check into it asap,Have an appointment with Parkinsons Clinic at John Hopkins end of May, Our neurologist has more or less washed his hands and said there is no more he can do.

  • at lunch time i make myself a smoothie, which consists ot 4 to5 ice cubes, add i cup of milk , and two TBLS of ground flax seed, and and one pkg of carnation essentials. then let it go until it's thoroughly mixed. then i add two big scoops of vanilla ice cream. , and beat that until it is silky smooth . that way it is drinkable without a brain freeze. and i have that daily. i had lost 30 lbs, and was down to 101 lbs. now i am anywhere from 110 lbs too 114 lbs. and i stay at that weight.

    i just didn't know how far down i would get before i fell over. and i didn't want to find out. so at least now i'm holding my weight in that circle . much better. they also have a powder at the health food store, that helps you to gain weight. but i don't use it anymore. it's good stuff.

    good luck .

  • Thanks for your excellent suggestion!

  • I appreciate your ideas and encouragelment.

  • Thanks for taking the time to go into such detail. Great idea

  • Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement.

  • Thsnks so much. Great ideas

  • I've helped my husband gain back 6 kgs by making him smoothies at morning tea. He can't seem to eat more than he does at meals so the inbetween snacks are important. I put in banana, whatever other fruit is in season, an egg, big spoon of walnut butter, big spoon of coconut butter, half avocado if it's in season, then yoghurt/cream/icecream , whizz it up then add milk to get it to right consistency. He loves it and it's worked a charm for getting him back from boney man to spunky man! Can also add powdered milk for more protein.

  • Thanks very much for them ideas and the support!

  • Thinking about the weight loss again I want to mention how easy is was to not respond quickly. First, the weight came off a few ounces at a time. Second, my husband ate so slowly and kept pushing what he didn't want aisde. I don't know why I didn't suggest supplemental feedings sooner because it would have solved the problem BEFORE his Parkinson's swallowing symptoms got worse. Now it's twice as difficult to even maintain his current weight, let alone add pounds. I have made "natural" smoothies with high calorie ingredients but they are much larger than the 8 oz carton of Boost VHC and hubby just can't tolerate having a "too full" stomach. So I pack as much high calorie food into a meal as I can, and then offer high calorie snacks in between. For lunch, I do make soups with beans, avocado, baby food meats, tomatos sauce and spices and then puree. This way, he can eat less at each sitting but have maximum calories for the day. We have become more strategic over time and with more symptoms to address. He now rises at 6 am to begin eating earlier. Again, this spaces his meals/snacks out through the day so his digestion issues are not as much of a problem. The main objective is to make eating a priority and have a good scale available and use it each day. I wish we had acknowledged the problem earlier. It appears that you have and that is good!

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