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kinetin and relation to coconut oil, ( co )


Kinetin, a cytokinin and plant hormone, is a cell division factor found in plant parts and yeast. Kinetin has also been detected in freshly extracted DNA from human cells.


Plant hormones, or cytokinins, were named for their ability to stimulate cell division (cytokinesis). The first known cytokinin was a component of coconut milk. This was used as a standard additive to plant tissue cultures in the lab because of its ability to make plant cells divide. Cytokinins were eventually isolated from coconut milk, immature organs of corn, and various other sources. Studies dating back to the mid-1950s describe the structure and synthesis of kinetin specifically.


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Hi Roy,

I clicked on link, but ...."The page you are looking for does not exist, or may have moved or is currently under construction."

I am using cold compressed coconut oil 2 TBS x 2 Times daily with Lunch & Dinner. I really don't know the dosage, if you know please share the information. Apart from coconut oil , I use Turmeric powder -2 TBS x 2 Times daily and Cinnamon powder 1/4 TBS x 2 Times daily and 3 Times big slice of water melon ; all these have neuro protective properties and chances of reversal of PD !!




The link works from my side. It also works when page is refreshed.

Two tbs is the therapeutic dose per day.


Thanks , I will try again


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