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Young Italian-Spanish speaker needs support

Dear All,

I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine who recently informed me that has Parkinson.

We have the same age, 35, and we grow up together and of course this shocked me very badly. He informed me that our own region, Sicily where he is based, basically has not services for young people to make them able to have an exchange, any kind of exchange.

If you are a young person with the same disease who speaks Italian or Spanish (unfortunately my friend doesn't speaks english) I would be massively grateful if you would be happy to be in touch with him and talk about your experience with him the treatment the your are having and the social events that he my get involved here in UK.

I live in London and I would be more then happy to have him in my place for him to take part of any events that might improve his quality of life.

I don't know if I m allowed to write here my email address, so please, if you can support, do not hesitate to reply to this post.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Tell him to check out "Unidos Contra el parkinson ". They have a fb page. Its a start. May be some links.


This page gives details of the Italian PD Association.

If he is on facebook suggest he does a search for fb parkinson groups spanish speaking


It is wrong of you to ask someone to talk with your friend about Parkinson's services and support groups here in the United Kingdom to which your friend may join when he comes here for treatment. That is what we British people call health tourism. While I support you having your friend here if he comes here to WORK and pay taxes. What I would not support however is you encouraging your friend to come here to live with you just to have treatment for Parkinson's!!!!!!!!! The doctors that treat Parkinson's here in the UK are so busy that there is a very long waiting list to see one of these doctors to start treatment! I have had Parkinson's for nearly 2 and a half years and have to wait until January, 2016 for my next appointment. I and others would be angree that you are wrong to ask your friend to come here for treatment and support. Go and take him out of our country and go somewhere else do you hear me!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely speechless,

There are no others ways to provide feedback to your "kind" message.

I am struggling to believe that in the XXI century, after more then a decade from the unification of Europe, there are still this anachronistic concepts of borders and barriers for all the EU citizens.

I studied and worked in three different EU countries since I was 21 and I moved in UK 6 years ago paying my taxes since day number one.

Now days I find myself in the position where one of my best friend is in a condition that no one should suffer at this early age and I don't understand at all you point when you mentioned health tourism.

What about the money invested from Bruxelles in the infrastructures or in education here in UK?Every time you see the EU logo in a banner, what do you think that this means? Do you believe that those money are not coming from all the European citizens?

At the other hand, I am originally from a region where we are investing billions of euros to save life of desperate people that are coming from Africa and Syria and I am not complaining, I am actually proud of what my country is doing for those people.

Instead of pointing the fingers again foreigns, I would recommend you to read the papers and see who live constantly in benefit? Who has free houses, food and who knows what else just because pregnant or too lazy to get a job.

I invested a lot in my education and before ending up of having my current decent salary that, thanks god and I am grateful to your country for this, is giving me the possibility to have a comfortable life, I started from the scratch as kitchen porter being treated like...

Now, if I can help my friend, I don't see the reason why I shouldn't and, no I m truly sorry, but I can not really hear you, I normally tend to do no speak at all to who use an high tone of voice.





I understood your post to be asking about connecting socially with people in the UK not coming for treatment.

Though you friend may not think there is any thing in Sicily there certainly is in Italy including research. He will find people, it is the early shock of diagnosis. Here's hoping he becomes a leader in his own community one day so others get the support he sees lacking.

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In July an international group are climbing Mt Etna to raise awareness of Parkinsons. The leader is Enzo Simone, there is a film in Italian called 10 mountains 10 years about this. You friend can join in support. The information should be on line but if a problem post again.

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Dear Hikoi,

Thank you very much indeed for the useful information, I will forward all the details to my friends.

Thanks a lot form both of us.

All the best.



Di niente


You hypocrite. You talk of all the money that Europe gives to the UK!!! I ask you aboutcall those billions that Europe is demanding that the UK pay for Euro membership? I am 57 years old and have had to retire early because of severe tremor, worsening memory problems, mood swings, forgetfullness etc? The Health Service in the UK is under enormous pressure to provide services partly because of enormous immigration, declining investement partly because of ever increasing demands from the EU for more funds and overseas investements and overseas charitable donations again demanded by the EU. So per haps you can understand some aspects of my concerns about the state oh the NHS in my country, the severe lack of social housing and jobs. You accept gratefully what my country can give you and yes you do pay taxes here but my conern would be this, would your friend be able to find a job and pay taxes also? If he comes here legitamilly and finds a job and pays his taxes then hecwould be welcome to come here.


2chrissy4 I hate hearing your description of your healthcare system, as here in the U.S. we are heading down the same path to eventual socialized medicine with obamacare leading the way. We are already starting to experience Dr shortages and drs dropping medicare (senior) patients, and longer and longer distances to get to drs approved by the obamacare policies. Thank God I don't have to be under obamacare as I just qualified for Medicare. Both my Drs have voiced problems due to obamacare, and my primary doc, who is young, is planning to sell his practice to the local hospital and just work for them. Obamacare has been a God send to some, but a bane to a larger number of middle class who lost their private insurance then were hit with triple the premiums and $6,000 deductibles before the insurance begins to pay for anything. Your description is a harbinger of things to come, I'm afraid.


Marion I think Chrissie's comments are far broader than just health, she is also concerned about pressures on other aspects of social welfare which includes government provided housing and benefits.

This article comments on the different costs of health systems around the world, which also might explain some of the pressure on the system, UK spends less than 9% and the US over 17% of GDP on health care so the US system costs about double that of other countries. I wonder where our health systems will all be in about 20 years.

The situation in much of Europe is quite different from America. In general Citizens in European Union countries can move freely between countries. A similar situation would be if a number of countries of America (North Central and south) signed an agreement to allow free boarders and people could move and live where they wished between those countries. How would that affect the U.S. health system?

I'm not taking a position on Chrissie's comments just giving background because I don't believe her comments has any connection with "Obama Care".


I've read a lot of articles about the healthcare system in Britain and see what looks like a lot of problems with their system. We in the US are just starting to move toward a state run healthcare system, and I worry about facing the same challenges they are in Britain with extra burdens on our healthcare caused by expansion of the medicaid program covering the millions of illegal immigrants who have and are still flooding across our US/Mexican border. We are 1 of only 2 countries left who recognize automatic citizenship for anyone born in this country of illegal aliens. This adds a huge burden to our social programs, as that is a big draw and reason for illegals to come here.


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