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Has anyone had their meds changed to a generic med?

After a few years on Requip XL which suited me very well, I received a letter from my GP informing me that I was being changed to Repinex XL. I tried this and almost immediately my tremor returned and I felt generally unwell. My Parkinsons Nurse told me to ask my GP to put me back on my original medication. He did and issued a prescription. The Pharmacist gave me Aimpart XL. However, these tablets are bubble packed, and the tablets look exactly the same as the Repinex. The box and the instructions are different. The Manufacturers are different so how come the tablets have the same bubble packaging and look the same?

I want to try my original Requip XL tablets. Of course, it would well be that my condition has deteriorated significantly.

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My husband was on Requip Extended Release. He was put on Ropinirole HCL Er tabs as the generic for it and didn't have any troublesome side effects. You might ask your doctor to write a prescription for Ropinirole HCL Er tabs. Requipe cost us close to $500.00.. The ropinirole cost $276.00


I agree with cjsg. The first drug I started with was Ropinirole HCL ER tabs. It is the generic for Requip ER


I would not take requip in any form but that's me! I'm required to take generic for everything so I assume the nightmare I went through was generic.


I had the same experience as your husband: fine on Requip XL, awful on generic. Returned to Requip XL but it no longer had the same positive effect. Switched to Neupro and paid huge fees but had a good response for the most part. Switched to C/L and non generic Requip XL and life is pretty good. I'm still paying a big price for the XL but it's about half the cost of Neupro.


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