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Does anybody else have Hypermobility Syndrome/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

I've had this syndrome since 2001, and I feel as though this is heavily related to my Parkinson's symptoms. My right side is where my joints are much looser, especially my shoulder, hip and ankle joints. And this is the side, and the joints where I feel my tremors.

I would like to know if there's a connection.

Does anybody else have PD symptoms and Hypermobility Syndrome/EDS? Do you think they're related? Where is the cause and effect??

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Yes. I do. EDS Type 3 with type 4 features. I take it you mean you got diagnosed? in 2001? Because it affects all siblings, to varying degrees. My brother has Marfan's, as do most of my nieces and nephews and both my sons.

I think it really aggravates PD because EDS means you're already wobbly! Can I asked who diagnosed your Ehlers Danlos? Such a small world of us, though Dr. Graeham in London (I'm in the US) says it affects about 25%of people. Look up Elephant Project on yahoo groups / UK. Great support group.


Oh, and yes my bad side for PD is my bad EDS side just like yours! I've got no one to really ask about it though.


Thanks Pauline. It's great to hear from you as I don't really have anyone to ask about this either.

Yes, that's true that we're already wobbly! That made me think the maybe we're predisposed to PD, but I can't find much online at all about having these 2 conditions.

I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist in Enfield. He's not well-known like Dr Grahame. He said it was hypermobility syndrome, but I've since found out that this is the same as hypermobile EDS / type 3. At the time he told me that it wouldn't affect my life very much at all. But it really has in a bad way, especially since I was pregnant 8 years ago. It's confusing now I have PD symptoms as well. Thanks a lot for your answers.


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