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Haldol Injection for Parkinsons Patient!!! PART 1

Can't find a sufficient word to express the magnitude of the horror I am now living. I already HAD drug induced Parkinsons diagnosed in 2006. It was a fairly moderate case other than balance and severe executive functioning only cognitive disorder. It had been stable over the last 2 yrs or so. I've been taking less sinemet than originally started on. I'd even gotten the pain down to minimal. I also have bipolar disorder. About a month ago I had two psychotic incidences. I did have some difficulty with medication management. I had been taking seroquel for several months, 25 MG for awhile and was put to 100 and was going...............too many details I'm thinking. BUT i WAS GIVEN AN MONTHLY INJECTION ABOUT 8 DAYS AGO. There's more but it will have to be in a part 2 because it's so painspaking typing this now and I don't want to lose it. cOMMENTS DESIRED BASED ON TITLE AND MY DEPERATE NEED FOR INFO AND ADVICE/RESOURCES LIKE WHETHER HELPS AT ALL TO TAKE ANY SINEMET OR A LOT IF IT'S POSSIBLE ANY WOULD GET PAST THE HALDOL BLOCKAGE, ETC PLEASE -= PROFRESSIONAL HELP? sO IN HELL KNOWING i'M STUCK WITH LACK OF DOPAMINE FOR AT LEAST A MONTH AND ALL THE CONSEQUENCES. MAYBE THERE IS A BRAND NEW OR EXPERIMENTAL WAY TO REVERSE THE BLOCKAGE? ANY AND ALL INFO REQUESTED. mORE COHERENT IN A pART 2. VERY SOON i HOPE.

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Having both Parkinson's and Bipolar illnesses in my family, I can truly empathize with how difficult it must be to have both at the same time. Certainly a skilled psychopharmacologist could help make decisions about how your meds are interacting and/or blocking. Also, hopefully you have a health advocate/caregiver to support you through the episodes that you are experiencing and can speak for you when you have difficulty. Wishing you all the best.


So very sorry to read this joyable. You need expert advice on this one. Best wishes.


HI Joyable, I'm writing to offer some kind understanding for your plight. My dad, too, has Haldol induced Parkinson's. So if it's any consolation just to know there are others out there who are going through the same thing, please know we care. I don't know what to say about the drugs. Like the other commenters said, drug regulation is best handled by the doctors. As for natural supplementation, my dad has been assisted by a supplement called "ambrotose" which can only be ordered by the company that makes it. You can google it. And coconut oil. There are a lot of old articles on this website about that. Please know you are in my heart and prayers.


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