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"dizziness" vs "tremor"


anybody dizzy whole day long like myself? am I perceiving tremor as dizziness, lack of better word, to discribe my perception of my body being shaking that is not noticed by others but I feel it all the time in me?

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is it a feeling like drinking too much coffee and taking too much no doze?

Do you notice any improvement after eating something, especially protein, as if it's related to your blood sugar level?

Yep, I too have an ongoing state of feeling my internal gyroscope has been kicked out of whack (some times a bit more noticeable than others). I just woke one day a couple weeks back with the odd sensation my entire center of gravity had shifted. And, the sensation's persisted ever since. I frequently have the slight sensation of tilting one way or another when I'm actually standing or walking perfectly straight... then I attempt to correct it by tilting in the opposite direction when I shouldn't. That, and the ongoing neurological 'turbulence' (also variable in intensity), are key components of the PD adventure it seems.

My dizziness is quite different from my tremors. In my case the dizziness is a side effect of my meds (mirapex,mostly)

Have you checked your blood pressure? Parkinson's meds have a tendency to cause low blood pressure resulting in dizziness and light headedness sometimes to the point of passing out. Low blood pressure has been a big problem for me.

BEtter get it checked!

I often think we are having an earthquake when we are not. It doesn't feel like it's internal to me.

Could you describe it as shivering internally? I experience that when I've been sleeping and I just have to get up even if it is around 3am,. It also happens between 9: 00 and 10:00 in the morning and then goes away.

It could be internal tremour. Feeling like internal shivering is a good way to describe it, with no external signs of shivering or tremour. If you sit still in a bath tub next time you have the sensation, you will probably see ripples in the water eminating from your body. I was told this is caused by internal tremor.

Hi Shstang. Are you sure that the dizziness is due to Pd? I have Meniere's disease, as well as Pd, and the Meniere's was the cause of my dizziness. I am not confusing loss of balance with dizziness. I have a balance problem as well, which is definitely Pd. My tremors (Shaking) only happen when I try to do fine motor functions, like fastening buttons. They do not happen when I am resting (Resting Tremor). What 'shaking' are you referring to?


When my magnesium level creeps to the lower end of the range or I don't drink enough fluids, I have this symptom. If it won't interfere with any of your current meds, I would try a magnesium supplement. It took several does for me to see an improvement, but the problem went away.

I have permanent dizziness during wakened time which started about a year ago as occasional dizziness and not very strong. But it continued to get stronger and is now debilitating and interferes with my concentration. It does not respond to L-dopa, but relief comes when my stomach contracts strongly replacing the discomfort from the dizziness as it subsides. However both symptoms are difficult to cope with going from one to the other throughout the day. When I retire for the night both symptoms cease to exist.

Is there anyone else in the same boat ?

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