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no tremor

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an observation- I’m on holiday with my family- all inclusive hotel (I have teenagers!) day one cracking headache then realised my tremor was gone - day 2 had a great massage still no tremor or dyskinesia. It’s not stress free- teenagers arnt!!! Day 4 a little coming back (was quite bad before I left home. Swimming a bit and doing lots of stressful water slides. Of course heat definitely helps. Is it heat/ dopamine? Not sure - I’ll see how I go - interesting!

17 Replies
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If your holidays involve a lot of travelling (by car or by train), it has caused the relief. Vibrations subside the symptoms. CUE1 has been invented on the same principle

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Annieartist in reply to Farooqji

hopefully if it’s that it could happen on return too!

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RoseBP in reply to Farooqji

This is the first I have heard of CUE1 and took a look. Looks like great technology. Does anyone know when it will be available in the US. Looks like they launched in EU and UK last year.

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Farooqji in reply to RoseBP

This is indeed a great invention!! Has not yet got the attention it deserves. In the trials it has reduced the UPDRS score of the participants by 9 which is three times higher as compared to what is considered as clinically significant. You can apply for it on its website and put yourself in queue. They are covering the people from UK and US in the first phase on priority

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RoseBP in reply to Farooqji

Thanks! I did get in queue on the waitlist. Would be great to know timing, wouldn't it? It sounds like it will be helpful and bring more quality of living. So the sooner the better :)

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How early stage is your Parkinson? Sometimes if you're very early stage, you can go for days without remembering that you have PD. It happened to me years ago... even without medication, I had no tremors for several days

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Annieartist in reply to Grumpy77

6 years since diagnosis - just lately seem to have got worse

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Bonzu in reply to Annieartist

Yep I lasted 6 years. Just right hand tremor. Now 8.9 years later I have mouth tremors, bad right hand tremors, stiffness and not walking smoothly. These last 2 years I have deteriorated quite a bit. Worrying madopar and B1 does absolutely nothing for me. Don’t know what I am going to do.

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macmiddle in reply to Bonzu

tried infrared laser?

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If only we could get holidays on Prescription 😀 joking aside I definitely believe heat helps rather cold doesn't.

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macmiddle in reply to Headache58

Is it possibly the direct sunlight? Not really the heat but the energy the light provides which stimulates digestion, short chain fatty acids, gut-brain axis… etc. Out of interest but have any of your gut issues subsided along with the tremor reduction? Your diet may also have changed on holiday???

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Annieartist in reply to macmiddle

generally don’t have gut issues ( well I’m assuming I do but none I could quantify). Almost never constipated mainly dairy free with some fish but veggie since 12 years old.

All inclusives tend to be buffets and generally in Turkey lots of fresh salads and freshly cooked veg - at times more varied than at home. Generally tend to eat well ( but could eat better)

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almost time to go home and tremor barely there - momentarily when I syched myself up to do the Cobra ( biggest slide but subsided almost straight after) long May it last!!!

Lots of water slides
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its the temporary dopamine rush- the joy, novelty & adventure. Happens to me too, enjoy it while it lasts :)

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I noticed that when I fly my tremors subside quite a bit.

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I also went on holiday (with teens) and felt much better.

I think holidays are more linear somehow. Even with the teens, there is less multi tasking and fielding emergencies than in normal life. Get up, what shall I eat, what shall I do now, and now and now.

I think that's what makes the difference for me. I really enjoyed being the one who was suggesting a 'last walk before bed' in the late evening.

Like Headache58 I wish we could get prescriptions for holidays!

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sadly on last day came down with a cold - tremor always bad when My body is fighting off anything so now I feel awful especially after plane then 7 hour uncomfortable night train and now full of cold - oh well great whilst it lasted!

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