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Hi as anyone had there meds changed I have had mine changed 3times and my legs still feel weak and pins and needles and curling toes I am on 5 madoper 125mg aday 1.83 premipexole and 1 slow release at bedtime and my legs feels worse I asked in the pharmacy for something for pins and needles but he said because of the meds I'm on he could not recommend any are vitamins caps alright to take with medication thankyou.

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After 12 years my meds wear off rapidly. Magnesium helps with the leg pain . At night I take klonopin, melatonin and valerian, and if I haven't had too much coffee I can count on 5 - 7 hours sleep, crawly leg feeling or not. I'm easily under or over medicated. It sucks!

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Thanks patv for your reply.


Piñs and needles in the feet coupled with weakness of the ankles could also be neuropathy. Consult your doc.


I don't have pins and needless but weakness in the ankles and in the legs is a very old polineuropathy and I know now because an specialist ask to me several tests for diagnoses.

There is not solution but exercise is the only help. I work very hard in this and every day is better, including my PD.

Swiming, yoga and balance therapy.

I really recomended .



Hi Anthonyian ,

I had these problems with allopathy Meds ; since 2013 Jan i switched to Ayurvedic Meds , Yoga, Breathing exercises ; now no problems . Currently I am on Kappikachu & Aswagandharista from Vaidyaratnam Kerala INDIA ; if you need any help let me know.



Good day Sir/Madam

Parkinsons since March/April 2012 . On 125mg x2 madopar dropped 1 a week ago . 62.5mg madopar plus 1mg azilect. That's it.

Started following John Pepper : Reversed Parkinsons.

Right now although meds would help me. I am going to run /jog and so far i have managed to extend the duration between taking meds from three to two times a day.

Any pains/aches will disappear. Oh yes they will.

I am medically trained. Anything written is through experience.


SORRY.....I am not medically trained


Thankyou for your reply.


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