Have any PD sufferers benefited from Celebrex?

I've read a couple of articles today regarding inflammation and PD and was wondering whether any Celebrex users had seen any effect on their symptoms after getting on Celebrex. One doctor who treats brain inflammation (he did not mention Parkinson's) mentioned using Celebrex and LDN to treat this brain inflammation.


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  • I have taken Celebrex foe years, to my benefit for knee inflation. Be aware it is a blood thinner. Ask doctor.

  • How has your PD progressed during this time period?

  • coblman, interesting post. Chronic inflammation has been shown to have a role in many cancers, perhaps this also applies to PD? Apparently, it causes free radical activity which in turn causes gene mutation within stem cells changing them into cancer causing cells. Perhaps some free radical damage at the cellular level is a cause of PD? Supplements have avtioxidative effects (inhibit free radicals). Among these is Vitamin C. With the purpose of reducing chronic inflammation the recommendation is to take 1000mg Vitamin C (Ester version) three times per day on an empty stomach., My Neurologist brought this supplement to my attention If chronic inflammation is a cause, over time, reducing it might help?

    BiillDavid .

  • I'll check into the Vit C. Unfortunately getting it to the brain is sometimes a limiting factor.

  • Also one doctor recommended (for inflammation) avoiding dairy products and gluten. I'm also certain that sugar is considered inflammatory too.

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