I tried Azilect for three days and had anxiety and pins and needs in one leg. The Doc said don't take it if you don't won't to. I just tried the neuro patch and are waiting to see if it works. My questing is did anyone have reactions to aziliect when they started taking it. I know it is supposed to protect cells. Based on John Peppers book and some friends at Church is seems to have slowed the progression whereas the patch doesn't so If I could try again maybe I should. Thanks friends.

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  • Shalom

    My name is yosi and I'm from Israel, diagnosed about a month, and prescribe Azilect, yes had the same affect as yours but now it's fine and I feel much better.

  • shalom Yossi........I call Azilect my "wonder drug" and I thank Teva everyday. where do you live in Israel? I spent 8 summers there with my children. 2 years in Jerusalem and 6 in t h e Tel Aviv area.Shalom, kol tov v;lahitraot Jaynie

  • I'm from Tel Aviv

    Shalom ve' lehitraot

    Just got diagnosed about a month not easy .

    Guess will learn to live with it, taking Azilect and do dayli exorcise ,

    Wish they had support group on Tal Aviv, or a program for newly diagnosed to learn to cope.

    Targishi tov

  • Thank you for your reply. How long did the symptoms last?

  • Had symptoms for about a week or so but now feels good. The same as you said anxiety pins .. But all went away.

    Now have light tremor in left hand and leg but not all the time and not notice.

  • Hi...I took azilect for about a week. Was told it slows down progression and help with anxiety. I found it made my anxiety worse so was told to stop them".

  • Hi,

    I have been on Azilect since before it was available in the USA. I got it straight from Israel. I don't remember having any problems, but I had so many things going on, some of it could have been from this drug. I call it my "wonder drug" it seems it slowed down the Parkinson's quite a bit. I never want to stop taking it. I was diagnosed in 1998 and even to day most people would not know I even have it. I would say in the last year, it is creeping up. I have a horrible lower back stenosis and in my neck and I can't walk very far at all,.so most of my exercising is done with.

    if your doctor will let you, do try it again, maybe it was a combination of drugs that might not interact well???

    please keep me posted and good luck with everything.


  • I've been taking it for about 6 months now and have not had any side effects. It did however stop my internal shaking. I stopped it for a few days a month ago and the shakes came back. Good luck.


  • dear Partypants, were you also taking with it, cabadopa/levodopa at the same time. ?

  • Hi Judam9,

    No - I've only ever had Azilect. The neurologist prescribed it as part of my diagnosis - he wanted to see how I would react to it.

    His plan is to delay starting levodopa for as long as possible.

  • sounds like it has possibilities. thanks so much

  • Do you take it instead of requip for the tremors orr does it help w motor functions?

  • Amhack,

    I've never tried requip, although I believe it's a dopamine agonist. Rasagiline doesn't increase the natural dopamine in the brain - it only delays or stops the breakdown of the dopamine you already have which is why it's good for early stage PD and in combination with dapamine-producing medication.

    I don't think it helps with motor functions - it stopped my 'internal shaking' but didn't help with balance or slowness in left hand or bladder problems.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed in 2008 and Azilect is what has worked for me. Don't remember any side effects, but there could very well have been. It has been my best friend, and just in the last 6 months have had to increase it. Any new medication takes a bit of time to adjust to. I recommend trying again and giving it a bit longer. I know the side effects can be rough at first, but generally will even out in a short period of time. Good luck!

  • Hi Sherrywolz - great to hear your positive story. I've not had any side affects either even after eating stilton and drinking beer!

    Do you mind sharing what your dosage has been increased to/from ?

  • I had been on one mg, increased to two mg 6 months ago.

  • 5 years at 1mg - sounds like a pretty slow progression then. I presume you're not on other medication ?

  • I also take Primidone for Essential Tremor, 250MG per day, which I have taken since 2000. This has been slow progression, I feel in good part due to a therapy I have discovered of making stuffed animals. Want to see them? Sherry's Cuddly Critters on Facebook.

  • Ha - brilliant!

  • I understood that 1 mg was the optimum does and the 2mg was not as good. Like plant nutrients, just enough is good enough and too much is not as good.

  • I have been taking Azilect for 3 years and my Neurologist can't believe how well I'm doing. He firmly believes it is that drug that is slowing the progression. I'm only on one other drug, Mirapex ER. I hope you give it another try; according to my Dr., it is the only PD drug out there that is proven to slow the progression of PD. The co- pay is high, but hopefully in two years it will go generic. Good luck....

  • Thank you friends for all your support. I think I will give azilect another try. My Doc. said go ahead as long as I exercise for the anxiety. I started the patch this week with no symptoms so its difficult to change now but neuroprotection would be worth giving it another try.

  • I wish I had tried it earlier. At the time I took with sinimet and got pronated ankles while trying to go to work. Now I'd be willing to try it again as I feel now I'm taking too much sinimet. I don't believe any med really slows progression, only exercise, but sinimet speeds it up, but I'm not a doctor :D

  • Hi, After my OH was diagnosed in February 2013, he was started on Sinemet by his GP whislt waiting to see a Neuro. As the waiting time was 12weeks at the NHS hospital we decided to go private because my husband was so poorly he just could not carry on the way he was. The Neuro was fantastic give started him on Stavelo for 3months then added Azilect (one at night) 3 months later he started him on the neuro patches 2mg for 2 weeks then on to 4mg for 2 weeks then on to 6mg next time he seen his neuro he was so pleased with him so his meds have been kept the same now 6months fingers crossed long may it continue to do so. When he first seen the Neuro he promised him he would have him back to 95% himself in 12months and that;s exactly what he did. Long may he keep this well I just pray to god each day, and just hope the meds don't start to wear off for a long long time to come "like never" hope this helps x

  • Hi I've been on Azilect for about 9 months now . The Doc gave it to me to keep me from crashing when my other two meds wear off. Also I'm going on 3 years after having DBS surgery and it's been unbelieveable . I've been able to keep working full time although I don't drive a truck for the Co. anymore . As far as the neuro patch goes I had a bad reaction to the patch and it caused 2nd degree burns. Now that I hear it's back on the market I just hope it's safer to use. With the Azilect I didn't experience any thing that you have described but I would try it again maybe your body will get use to it.

  • No reaction, but I take 1 mg per day. (azilect) Curious to know what everyone else takes

  • Same here Jocee. No noticeable side affects either.

  • I wouldn't give anyone Azliect I had so many bad reactions that it was stopped asap. The neupro patch worked but at first It was bad on my I use shoulder to shoulder, back n forth daily. This works great, and makes less pills to take.

  • I join some of the other respondents with the statement that, for me, Azilect has been a wonder drug. I have told Teva reps that I could be their cheerleader. I have taken Azilect for over 8 years and just added Sinemet this past year. It is important to remember that each person's response to drugs is as individual as our PD symptoms and issues. I would never say not to give Azilect to anyone, Kadie57, because for me it truly is a gift. PD is a journey and although we are all walking a different path, we are on the journey together cshamb, I hope you find the best combination of meds and support. Take good care of yourself!

  • morning cshamb.... I was on Azilect 4 2 yrs. Did nothing to stop my progression. So i went off. The FDA finally re released Neupro trans patch. worked great until the adhesive wood no longer stick. I was spending 5-6 bucks a day for patches, tape and spent a lot and i mean a lot of time trying to hold it on during my daily shower. I started getting lesions and itching. As i recall, the Neurpo pstch was pulled years ago for bad adhesive giving people reactions sc as what im describing. Any one else?? good luck. As to my opinion on Azilect, everyone is different and i truly hope it helps u! lol Fronya

  • Hi,

    My hubby uses Azilect and has had a very good response to it along with Madopar he is doing really well on both and I noticed his improvement pretty quick. He has taken part in a study and they say he is coping well to this meds so fingers crossed it stays good for him. Perhaps for you it may take a bit to settle into your system?! Good luck.

  • My husband takes Azilect and it works for him. He also takes Modafinil, carbidopa/levodopa, and ropinerole, long acting. When we want info on meds we go to his neurologist and PCP, with reference to other members of the local PD group ( who have lived experience with meds. He takes no alternative drugs and doesn't want to.

    Diagnosed in 2007 he's doing well. The last two years was a lot of work helping him get onto a medication regimen and deal with issues he's had. Now he's on a plateau and does PT. We're hoping he can stay on this plateau. Also he's recovered ground we thought he's lost.

  • I am on both the neupro patch and Azilect plus also carb/ levodopa and am have no problems except for fatigue ever so often.

  • Shalom partypants

    Guess we are the same , newly diagnosed as the only treatment Azilect , for me is 2 months , guess we have to hope to stay with Azilect as long as possible .

    I'm from Tel Aviv Israel , hope to keep in touch and share information.

  • Hi partypants

    Me too I'm newly diagnosed (2 months) and only taking Azilect.

    I'm 55 and live in Tel Aviv Israel , be surprised but here we are really behind with support for newly diagnose . Really hope things will change.

    Hope to keep in touch and share information .


  • Definitely Yossi - I'm a mere youngster - 48. I'm glad to be on Azilect and the strategy from my neurologist seems to be to delay taking any of the dopamine producing drugs for as long as possible.

    This site is really good, as is the Parkinsons UK one ( for initial information but the forums aren't so good. I can honestly say that I've learnt more about PD from forums and talking to other people with the condition than from either my doctor or my neurologist.

    We're all in this together and any knowledge should be shared freely for the benefit of all.

  • I had a terrible reaction. Knees swelled, extremely painful, couldn't walk. Doc said an allergic reaction? But never saw those symptoms...hope all taking it works for them

  • I have been taking Azilect since diagnosis and had almost instant relief lasting 3 years. Dr. gave me Amantadine, which didn't seem to do much, so we are trying Sinemet to see if I can tolerate it this time around - the first time my blood pressure spiked over the tip. Hope healing for all.

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