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I came from Australia some years ago and met a girl and everything was fine until i made a surprise visit to her flat her to find ex laying on the bedroom floor. Anyway had enough.

I have had nobody at my side to support me as my girlfriend told me my children didnt want to to be seen with a criple(lovely people and they didn't even talk to me for 7yrs and have no friends, but i still enjoy to make people laugh. I just want to have something for a strickly plantonic relationship as I am very deep person and a caring person. Better to give than to get, but in paste i give peolpe things and when my back is turned they steal from me!!

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You deserve better than what's you've had in the past.

The one's who are cripples are those who put down and dismiss a person with a disease.

You have inherent human dignity and worth NO MATTER WHAT!!!

You are not the first person to have to put his/her life back together from scratch, often more than once.

There are kind people here and I hope you will find kind people in your life. Nobody deserves betrayals, being abandoned by loved ones, or people who steal from us. Work at it every day....finding people who like and respect you for you. You shouldn't have to turn yourself into a pretzel to get people to like you. People who are 'whole' and decent will like you and accept you just the way you are.


I feel sure this group are all willing to be a friends to you.

We will not steal from you. Nor will we judge!


I am very sorry to hear of your heartbreak. The world has waxed cold and is sad. I think it's awful for people to disrespect crippled, and the handicap such as ourselves. Don't let others ignorance define who you are, define yourself. Don't let Parkinson's define who you are, you define who you are. Stay positive, high Spirit in attitude.


Hi jinJocky,

At least, in being the victim of wrongdoing you are not a wrongdoer. Sadly I expect that being treated in this way will make you just that little bit more like everyone else. That is to say you will lose some of your trusting giving nature and become more reluctant to allow people to get close without a longer period of being wary of them.

Ensure that those who treat you in this way do NOT turn you completely into a cynical and disagreable person. Especially since becoming this way might make you too much like hard work to be with and frighten away the very thing you seek. A balance is needed where you remain open but look below the surface more thoroughly.


I think you will get good friends on this site. Meeting in person might be a little more difficult as we're geographically wide spread. For similar reasons to you I have very few friends, but those I have I value greatly. I dropped the fair weather friends early on. I wonder if you put those posts in the off topic category you wont offend those with more specific health concerns. We had a bit of a do in another site where posts were getting hijacked. Not out of malice but because loonacy got out of hand.

I hope you find what you need.


Hi ginjockey. I am a bit of a pragmatist. What exactly are you looking for? Are you not looking for someone like yourself, who needs companionship and support? Are you not looking for someone who knows what you feel like, when you wake up in the morning? Surely there are many other people like yourself, who are asking the same question as you!

Do you not need someone who can look after you, on a daily basis? If so, aren't you looking for a professional care-giver, not a companion?

If someone is being used, they invariably try to take something to make up for being used.

I am just asking you to be honest with yourself and of course with everybody else!



I agree. Make a lot of different kinds of friends, young and old. Be friendly to all your neighbors and helpful. Cripple or not, I try to smile and get a lot back. Who knows, one of those friends may turn out to be the one who will be part of your already fulfilling life :D


I' m just saying because I had the most passionate relationship of my life in my sixties ! Now in my 70's I never give up but enjoy every moment i CAN move :)


John and PatV - what you are saying is so true. If fact, I believe that nobody but you yourself are responsible for your own happiness. No family member, friend, lover, caretaker can give you happiness if you yourself is not happy within yourself. I have been through a LOT of very bad things in my life, but I refuse to go under, rather go on......

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Hi Ginjocky, keep reading and posting on this site. A lot of true, honest people with the same problems and a lot of knowledge how to make you feel better.


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