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Have any of you PWP had Covid-19 yet?


I personally know a few people around me who have had it and were only mildly inconvenienced. I have read of others who complain of persistent effects I have also read some people expressing concerns that people with Parkinson’s might be at greater risk to suffer more serious effects. Just wondering if we have any first-hand reports from here in the group.

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My dad was 86 and died of it in hospital 2 weeks after being infected he's the only pwp I know to have had it

I am so sorry. My parents had a friend who was in her late 70s who also succumbed. She was among the early wave of people who contracted the disease in New York City.If you don’t mind me asking, where did your father live? Generally speaking.

Dad was in Edenbridge, Kent UK

I'm so sorry WTP. I'm sorry to learn your Dad passed and that he too has PD.

Sorry for your loss 🙏💞

Since PwP live with elevated oxidative stress levels and elevated inflammatory levels that significantly drive the disease process and can experience disease progression due to these two factors, they are very likely to experience worsening symptoms if infected with Covid-19 because this disease can radically contribute to oxidative stress levels and inflammatory levels which in turn will worsen the underlying symptoms of PD. Here is a link to an article that discusses this topic.


Since you can still get Covid-19 and spread the virus even if you are vaccinated, it seems like a good idea to have a plan already in place in case you do get Covid-19 or are exposed to a virus mutation that is resistant to the vaccine you took. Imo it is important to stop the virus in the shortest time possible in order to minimize PD symptom increase, shorten the disease duration very significantly and lessen the potential for exacerbation of either disease and for me, I will utilize these two options toward that end as outlined in these two posts to very significantly shorten disease duration and greatly lessen Covid-19 symptoms rapidly :




Or, if exhibiting symptoms, people could simply rely on doctors (with direct experience with Covid patients) who are actually qualified to advise on the subject: americasfrontlinedoctors.co...

The majority of doctors currently have no experience with patients who have been vaccinated and then get Covid-19 and the majority of doctors have no experience with Covid patients at all because the standard is to tell patients with symptoms to not go to your primary and stay home until they are having difficulty breathing and to then go to the emergency room for evaluation for admission to the hospital. So the majority of patients who are sick, but not having difficulty breathing are essentially on their own at home. If you are having difficulty breathing, it is entirely possible that you already have Covid pneumonia or ARDS and potentially a cytokine storm. Their main option at that point is getting tested at a drive through Covid-19 testing station to try and confirm that it is Covid-19 and not something else like the flu or pneumonia, but this does nothing as far as actually seeing a doctor or getting accepted and admitted at the hospital.

You can't even see your primary if you have had a fever, cough, pneumonia or other known Covid-19 symptoms in the past two weeks. So getting help from your primary is going to be little to not at all and the doctors who actually treat Covid-19 patients working in the hospitals, you will have no access to unless you are admitted to the hospital because of difficulty breathing.

So this is why I have a plan in place if I get sick, but am not having difficulty breathing and can not be admitted to a hospital. My other option is to do nothing and just wait until I am having difficulty breathing and then go to the emergency room and hope I get admitted to the hospital. I'll go with the first plan for myself.

This is the sad truth about what happens with Covid-19 patients and hopefully you have insurance because the hospital stay will be very expensive otherwise and could bankrupt you.


A chronological review may help people determine who/what to listen to moving forward: rumble.com/vf55vv-aflds-fro...

This video highlights some things that I observed myself, that during the Black Lives riots last summer it was OK to be unmasked in public if you we’re protesting on the left but that you were an anti-science Neanderthal if you did so while opposing the lockdown.I also learned, mostly from CNN, that protests with burning buildings could be considered mostly peaceful events. I also remember the parade of social science academics, who appeared in the media to explain to people how rioting is a legitimate means for societies’s voiceless people to make themselves heard, who are now unwilling to extend that analysis to those who participated in the January 6 Capitol riot. Is it any wonder then that it has now become impossible to transmit useful information about COVID-19 via these partisan media channels .

NRyan in reply to kind2animals

I was at Black Lives Matters protests in Chicago. I was masked, as well as many others. Everyone I saw (we were all outdoors) kept 6' away as we marched. If you saw people standing closer, it is usually because they are friends/family and were part of their "pod". The ignorance on both sides is great. Let's all get vaccinated, mask up and avoid large gatherings to save lives until COVID passes.

Since when is being against racism a left wing issue?

Londinium in reply to chartist

What you describe is usually referred to as Medical Negligence. However, in the past year, medicine and science have been turned upside down by the inept, the incompetent, the cowardly, the medically negligent.. the bribed, the bribers.. and the charlatans.

Suggesting that people rely on doctors isn't bad advice, but then you referred them to a right wing political organization, two of whose leaders were arrested for violence during in the insurrection January 6.

They are anti-vaxxers who are still promoting hydroxychloroquine.

Why doesn't that surprise me.

"One of the speakers, Dr. Stella Immanuel, said she herself had treated and cured 350 COVID-19 patients using the aforementioned cocktail (hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, and zinc,) and referred to doctors refusing to use hydroxychloroquine as being like the "good Germans who allow the Nazis to kill the Jews".[1][2][3] "

“Many women suffer from astral sex regularly. Astral sex is the ability to project one’s spirit man into the victim’s body and have intercourse with it. This practice is very common amongst Satanists. They leave their physical bodies in a dormant state while they project their spirits into the body of whoever they want to have sex with,” Immanuel wrote.”


"America's Frontline Doctors is an American right-wing political organization. Founded by Simone Gold and promoted by the Tea Party Patriots, it has opposed lockdowns and social distancing mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic by citing alleged and unapproved treatments for COVID-19."

"In January 2021, Gold and the group's communications director John Strand were both arrested in connection with the January 6 storming of the United States Capitol.


“Back Away From “America’s Frontline Doctors”

Dr. Lee Merritt may be a fine orthopedic surgeon, but when it comes to the science of COVID-19, she is way out on a limb. Let’s start sawing.”


“America's Frontline Doctors' Continue to Misinform on COVID

— Notorious physician group has now pivoted to inciting fear about vaccines”



'America's Frontline Doctors' may be real doctors, but experts say they don't know what they're talking about


I haven't read that all Mark, but would I be right in thinking the gist of it was "bollocks"? You sure have a colourful set of characters with some imaginative ideas there in the US of A.

Don't we, though.

Not worth reading. You get the idea from the quotes.

If I were ambitious, I would capture all these comments and put them in a book -- I would have to take screenshots otherwise no one would believe it.

If you want a good laugh, check out the two videos below.

Trailing in reply to MBAnderson

Who gets to decide who the "experts" are? President Trump got well after taking the drug hydoxycholorine. It worked. These Frontline Doctors have actually successfully treated hundreds of COVID patients with this drug and it saved their lives. You can't say that for the thousands that have died with the typical treatments in our hospitals. Yes our nurses have and are working harder than ever and thankfully they too have seen lives saved...but mostly to their hard efforts and not because of so called "expert" advice.

Hydroxychloroquine is an immunomodulatory drug that has been used for 60 years to treat malaria and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and inflammatory arthritis, and potential new uses and benefits continue to emerge. Toxicity concerns have been addressed with updated prescribing recommendations.

But the truth about it is either covered up or denied. Why would these Frontline Doctors risk their careers by going up against the so called "experts" if they did not care about you and me?

You cannot say that for these experimental vaccines that have not even been approved by the FDA. The manufacturers of these vaccines are not sure how it will actually affect individuals and that is why they are called experimental. They were rushed into production as an emergency and their side effects have already injured thousands which you can check at the CDC website on their VARES report. Many have even died. You should know that vaccine manufacturers have nothing to lose if individuals suffer or even die from these vaccines as they are protected by law and cannot be held liable. Again you will not hear this on the general media.

Individuals are rushing to get vaccinated because they want our lives to go back to normal. And who doesn't? But even on Pfizer's website it says that the vaccine "might" kill COVID and then in the next sentence it says it "might not" kill COVID. Instead of going with a safe drug that has been used for 60 years and has already been used successfully against COVID we have decided to trust these so called experts that are not sure of anything. This is not the kind of science I remember from my school years.

These "experts" are only puppets for the global elites that are taking advantage of this virus to destroy the economies of the nations. Beware, "FEAR is the enemy's tool to divide and controy". Do you not see that happening? We are all losing our American Freedoms.

You must do your very own research and question everything. You must be very discerning as the TRUTH of things is getting harder and harder to find.

Well put. Those who consume the “science” and the “expert medical advice” reformulated and filtered through CNN, MSNBC, Zuckerberg, and Dorsey channels, however, will persist in the blissful land of Oblivion.

chartist in reply to Trailing


This is a quote of what you said in your first sentence and you are wrong :

>>>'President Trump got well after taking the drug hydoxycholorine. It worked. '<<<

He claimed he took it in May and then stopped, well before he actually got Covid-19 in October. So HCQ played "zero part" in his recovery based on the articles below.

These articles say he did not take HCQ when he had Covid-19, but rather took Remdesivir, the drug that Dr. Fauci was promoting over HCQ, which Trump was promoting until he actually got Covid-19 :


These next 2 articles say he actually took remdesivir when he had Covid-19:





The following is the list of the drugs Trump took when he actually had Covid-19 and HCQ is not on the list:







If you have evidence to support your original claim, please post it.


Trailing in reply to chartist

Wow! I didn't take the time to look all that up. You certainly did some research...no I have no real evidence concerning President Trump just what I heard on the main media at the time. (which is always questionable)

However, I did mention elsewhere on this blog that I had two close friends who had COVID and the Frontline protocol worked for them. Originally the majority of COVID cases were not deadly for those that did not have a compromised immune system. Both zinc and quercetin which are all natural can boost your immune system to help fight it.

My other point was that Parkinson individuals as a whole tend to be low in zinc and should take note of that fact. People with zinc deficiency lose their sense of smell and taste which many Parkinson individuals complain of and which is also a symptom of COVID.

One moral concern that those who are pro life had was the Johnson and Johnson vaccine which contained cells from an aborted baby. But few are aware that the other mRNA vaccines were tested, though not manufactured, using cells derived from an aborted baby, specifically known as HEK-293 cells.

And whatever one believes about the COVID vaccines, I would hope that we would all agree that they are a medical intervention which should not be coerced or forced on individuals. We should be able to control what goes into our own bodies. These vaccines are not only drugs which have side effects but may even change our genetics. Which of course is very controversial. And everyone should be informed of all possible side effects before they decide to get them. But regardless it should be only your decision or my decision to take them and not anyone else, even the so called "experts".

chartist in reply to Trailing

When it comes to Covid-19, my thinking is from a completely different direction than the majority of people as I have written about at length on this forum. I lean toward melatonin for the purpose of Covid-19.

Yes, zinc is known for both returning the sense of smell and making it go away, but I have not heard anyone on this forum mention that they got their sense of smell/taste back from taking zinc, but they have mentioned a return of smell and taste from using mannitol or HDT/B1. Mannitol seems to have an edge over B1 in this respect. I have not heard of people infected with Covid-19 getting their sense of smell back by supplementing with zinc, so apparently the olfactory bulb is affected differently in PwP and Covid-19 patients where zinc does not seem to be able to return that deficit.

I do not want to be forced to take a vaccination, but at the same time I do not want to pose a risk to others in terms of potentially transmitting Covid-19. At this point, nobody really knows how protective the vaccines are and more time will be needed to determine just exactly how much these current vaccines can do in terms of level of protection against Covid-19.


Trailing in reply to chartist

Yes, Art I agree about melatonin. My husband and I were injured from exposure to microwave radiation from a 'Smart' electrical meter that was installed right outside our bedroom window and within 3 feet of our bed. For six years our health gradually deteriorated. Unfortunately my husband also was installing WIFI at his place of employment for 3 of those years. I have mention this elsewhere on the blog so I won't go into details here.

Below is a link and a paragraph from it explaining the dangers of non-ionizing radiation exposure from common things like the 'Smart' meters and our cell phones, etc.

Biological and Health Effects of Microwave Radio Frequency ...

Search domain olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013I1/Downloads/CommitteeMeetingDocument/42624olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/20...

ALTERED PHYSIOLOGY Laboratory research in animal and human subjects has shown that “nonthermal” levels of RF exposure can alter EEG, immune function, and hormone levels including adrenal and thyroid hormones, testosterone, prolactin, progesterone. Research shows that low levels of microwave RF exposure can reduce melatonin levels in humans, and that some individuals are more sensitive than others to this effect. The adverse effects of nighttime RF exposure on melatonin secretion are particularly disturbing. The nocturnal rise in melatonin levels supports the natural function of sleep, and disrupting this cycle can produce insomnia. Melatonin is an extremely potent antioxidant, and helps to repair damaged DNA and heal the body from other i effects of oxidant stress. Melatonin is also protective against the growth of cancer cells, and disruption of the circadian melatonin cycle has been shown to lead to increased tumor growth in a variety of cancer types. Women who have lower levels of nocturnal melatonin are at greater risk for developing breast cancer. Reduced melatonin levels may also increase the incidence of prostate cancer.

PS: You should do your best to stay healthy and stay in when sick. But nobody should feel guilty concerning the health of others. The government guidelines are totally insane and beyond any common sense. I say LIVE AND LET LIVE! We simply are losing our Constitutional Freedoms. Freedoms that were meant to keep the government out of our personal lives!!!

chartist in reply to Trailing


Regarding ionizing radiation, melatonin may be useful in helping to prevent some damage :



The dose used, in human terms, would be just under the dose that Dr. Neel is using to treat his multitude of Covid-19 patients very effectively.

Did I mention that I like melatonin?


GioCas in reply to chartist

Sometimes Art, but for me you can say it as often as you want. :-)

This fact that melatonina prevents radiation damage could be very interesting, radiation is all ionizing and its effects are cumulative in the body.

chartist in reply to GioCas


It acts as a radioprotectant even for radiotherapy for cancer. It is even synergistic with said radiotherapy while also protecting from some of the damage from cancer radiation treatments such as skin damage. I have even made it into a topical lotion for a relative who was having radiation treatments and got significant damage to the skin on his back. His daughter told me later that the melatonin lotion helped his back heal quickly and stopped the associated pain. Melatonin has also shown in studies to have synergy with chemotherapy while also protecting against chemo related hair loss.


GioCas in reply to chartist

Very interesting Art.

This study is also interesting as Pwp, here it says how melatonin is effective against the use of Paraquat, a very water-soluble herbicide that goes down into groundwater. Paraquat is known for its neurotoxic effects and has been banned in Europe for some time. according to this study, melatonin neutralizes the harmful effects of this herbicide.




chartist in reply to GioCas

Good links, Gio!

Your links add further confirmation as to why farmers are more prone to get PD as the following link illustrates :



GioCas in reply to chartist


In my opinion we are all a little bit at risk and I quote:

"Research conducted by several universities has shown that the herbicide Paraquat alters cell division mechanisms leading cells to senescence and thus contributing to the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons involved in Parkinson's disease. And the greatest damage occurs if exposure continues over time, even at low doses.

by Maria Pia Terrosi

Yet another study relates exposure to Paraquat with Parkinson's disease. The results of new research published in the journal "Cell Report" and conducted by the University of Groningen, Touro University Mare Island and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging suggest that exposure to this powerful herbicide promotes the accumulation of senescent cells in the brain, contributing to the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons, involved in Parkinson's disease.

Senescent cells are those that despite still being able to divide stop doing so, often in response to stressful situations. If on the one hand this behavior is a natural defense mechanism against the onset of cancer (when cells are in danger of uncontrolled growth, the transition to senescence keeps them under control), on the other hand when they become senescent cells release chemicals capable of determining an inflammation in the surrounding area.

In particular, researchers have focused on astrocytes, cells that are located in the central nervous system and have an active role in modulating neuronal activity. As astrocytes become senescent, the inflammation that occurs can damage nearby neurons, particularly those that produce dopamine.

Well, the research has shown that Parkinson's disease patients had high levels of senescent astrocytes showing also that Paraquat blocked the division of astrocytes and even induced their senescence. So not only this herbicide - as shown in previous research - directly damages neurons associated with dopamine production, but it seems to have a further negative impact by promoting the senescence of astrocytes.

Not only: the study showed that the exposure to Paraquat was more harmful (i.e. there was a greater number of senescent cells) when it occurred for a longer period of time even at lower doses, compared to a shorter but more concentrated exposure.

Despite being outlawed in Europe since 2007, Paraquat is still produced in the Old Continent and distributed in developing countries. But it is still used also in the USA, where in the last 10 years its use has quadrupled."


As well as this herbicide there are dozens of other substances present in the air, water and food that in addition to radiation and stress promote early cellular aging in the most sensitive organs due to inflammation by free radicals. This in my opinion is one of the possible causes of PD and anti-inflammatory substances could play a role in the disease.

I have been exposed. Only symptoms were chilblains on feet. But I did find increased stiffness. As summer comes in the Northern Hemisphere it should die out. Still think that the best thing to do is to make sure Vitamin D levels are high. This also applies to if you are taking a vaccine.

Why would it die out in summer? It didn't in Brazil

It did last summer in the northern hemisphere. I haven't looked at Brazil. There's also always a troubling spike whenever a country starts vaccination.

Also its sunny in India all year round and its spiking there now. Its not weather related

There is so much that we don’t know about this disease. Last time I looked, India had a gross number of fatalities related to COVID-19 that looked pretty big, but which, when considered in proportion to its population, was actually 1/4 the rate observed in the United States.

An article I read recently in Time magazine suggested that large numbers of people in India are eschewing vaccination based on their feeling, correctly or incorrectly, that The pandemic is winding down on its own.

I agree but saying the virus is seasonal is not true. Vitamin d got from Sunlight is not playing a role. The fact ppl are inside less where it spreads more is more likely the reason there was a reduction in northern hemisphere last summer.

Re: "Vitamin d got from Sunlight is not playing a role" I think Edgar Hope-Simpson would like a word from: On the epidemiology of influenza


"..In fact, Aloia and Li-Ng presented evidence of a dramatic vitamin D preventative effect from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) [25]. In a post-hoc analysis of the side effect questions of their original three-year RCT, they discovered 104 post-menopausal African American women given vitamin D were three times less likely to report cold and flu symptoms than 104 placebo controls. A low dose (800 IU/day) not only reduced reported incidence, it abolished the seasonality of reported colds and flu. A higher dose (2000 IU/day), given during the last year of their trial, virtually eradicated all reports of colds or flu..."

I can't believe I need to say this but covid 19 is not the same as the flu.

It's actually closer to the cold virus. Also the 1968 flu appears deadlier.

There is probably a weather related element in temperate climates because it easier to to spend time and interact outside in the sunshine.

LAJ12345 in reply to alexask

All those people queuing together to get a jab? And if you are exposed to the virus at the same time as being vaccinated I wonder how that affects you. Presumably you have to fight off the virus at the same time as developing antibodies to the vaccine.

kind2animals in reply to alexask

Thank you for your reply and for relating your experience.

She's a qualified medical Dr.

MBAnderson in reply to Londinium

You and I, apparently, disagree on the definition of qualified. All social media platforms have taken down her content declaring her to be unqualified.

If you think she's qualified, read the links and follow her advice.

She believes in witchcraft and demons. She believes some women get pregnant because a man's spirit left his body and entered her's.

I can't imagine how one could be less qualified.

Londinium in reply to MBAnderson

She is a qualified and practising physician, and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with HCQ etc.

MBAnderson in reply to Londinium

She is a stone cold lunatic. Read this then repeat your claim.

"She has said endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by spirit spouses, and has also endorsed a number of conspiracy theories that include the involvement of space aliens and the Illuminati in manipulating society and government."


Londinium in reply to MBAnderson

She is a qualified and practising physician, and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with HCQ etc.

MBAnderson in reply to Londinium

Ha. good one.

I do not believe that you can still get Covid-19 and spread the virus even if you are vaccinated. I would need some pretty strong evidence to change my views on this! It just sounds to me like something someone would assert when they haven't got the vaguest idea what they are talking about. Based often on some similar assertion that no proof exists that what is asserted isnt true.

Or the opinions of the "voices" trump used to "hear" when he needed to substantiate some stupid theory of his.

Dont be ridiculous! She is simply a krazie! Her only qualification is that she talks like Sidney Powell.

The illuminati is manipulating society, microchips in the vaccinations.

I mean, really people, where does this end???

I was sitting here at my computer minding my own business and having a pleasant conversation with my wife who was standing next to me. Then, all of a sudden, she reached up and grabbed the skin underneath her chin, pulled her face right off her head and lo and behold there was Bill Gates. He then pointed a finger at me, sent a bolt of electricity into my head and sucked my brain out through my eyeball.

Then, I found myself standing with a white lab coat on and a stethoscope around my neck on YouTube explaining how I had just cured Parkinson's, cancer and heart disease through a patented technique of sucking water through one's nose. I published it in a book and it went to the New York Times bestseller list and now I'm rich.

Send me $300 and I'll send you an autographed copy of the book. :)

LAJ12345 in reply to MBAnderson

Hope you’ve got a video of all that! Sounds thrilling.

MBAnderson in reply to LAJ12345

I don't. I leave it to your imagination.

Vaccine commentary above aside, my HWP and I had Covid 19 in February. Symptomatic about 5 days, no real high fevers, fatigue and head and body aches. It definitely exacerbated his PD symptoms going on six weeks. His primary symptoms being fatigue and pain. We have been using a Vitamin C, D and melatonin protocol since March of 2020 and I believe it did lessen the severity of our Covid. We are recommended to wait 90 days until any vaccine and test our antibodies first. Many of my family members have gotten vaccine with no lasting ill effects, they all signed a wavier they would not sue manufacturer, as these vaccines were fast tracked through system. I actually do not consider the shots a true "vaccine" as the virus keeps mutating, I think that Polio and Small Pox are examples of true "vaccines". My PERSONAL opinion is these Covid 19 vaccines may turn into an annual "flu" type shot because of virus mutations. Only time will tell whether we will need a booster for the shot received now. Not a fan of big pharma because many of the treatments like high dose B1 therapy for PD they won't even bother to test because there is not enough $$$ to be made.

Thank you. This is what I was looking for. First-hand reports from PWP.



this video is worth every one of its 8 minutes.


I did. I was pretty miserable (hit-by-a-truck type symptoms) but I never had to go to a hospital or anything. I do think it made my PD symptoms worse for a while, but I'm over that now.

Got my first dose of Moderna vaccine and reacted pretty badly--and I was warned that I would. Again, felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

But AGAIN, I'm over that. Plan to get my second a little delayed (as advised by my Dr.)

kind2animals in reply to amykp

Thank you. First-hand responses are what I was looking for, particularly as they relate to the effects on PWP.

amykp in reply to kind2animals

BTW, I was a bit frightened, particularly because I felt my balance was off for some number of weeks and I had lost quite a bit of strength, so I was like: oh no! Has this virus really accelerated my PD for good?

But the answer was no. I kind of had to fight myself to get walking and exercising again, and I had to be patient...but I am back to my good old PWP self :o)

kind2animals in reply to amykp

Thanks for that info. I am getting comfort from what you’re saying as I seem to be undergoing the same kind of experience.

amykp in reply to kind2animals

Oh, I see. OK. Well, to be more specific then, I got sick around the middle of January. I wasn't really up and about until the beginning of February, and I'd say it wasn't until the middle of March before I could say I really forgot I had it.

My symptoms were mostly malaise, and fatigue like I've never felt. I mean, I had trouble standing up to take a shower. It was weird. I didn't have much of a fever, like 101 at the highest. And oh yes, my feet started burning--neuropathy. I started taking Lyrica. That symptom is still with me a little, but I don't think it has anything to do with PD.

The shot as I said (a week ago) was bad--like a mini return of the symptoms, but only lasted 3 days, then completely gone.

amykp in reply to kind2animals

I meant to add: what's going on with you?

kind2animals in reply to amykp

Thanks for asking. Feeling pretty much as you described. No fever at any time though, but quite achy. Did you have any days where you seemed to feel much better only for the symptoms to return again in a day or two?

amykp in reply to kind2animals

Not so specifically, but I definitely had better days and not-so-good days (and hours) on and off.

It was announced on local media that those with B blood type are less likely to get COVID and if they do get it they will suffer less. Also the majority of those that have gotten COVID were also low in Vitamin D. So, it would be good to take Vitamin D3 supplements.

A natural way to prevent it and heal from it is to supplement with zinc and quercetin. Quercetin will help the zinc get into your cells, but it is the zinc that prevents the virus from spreading. However, you won't hear much about this from the media.

Also Parkinson patients in general tend to be low on zinc. My husband has Parkinson's and his blood test showed that he indeed was low on zinc. Fortunately for him he has type B blood.

Quercetin (a polyphenol) works similar to the drug hydroxychloroquine that President Trump used. But both must be used with zinc to kill the virus. I have had friends that got COVID and they used America's Frontline Doctors protocol. Here is their website if interested:

Search domain americasfrontlinedoctors.co...

Of course we are all different and everyone should check with their own doctor as what is best for them...this is for general info only.

I think taking zinc along with vitamin D and quercetin is a good idea.

It is good practice to take Vit C, Vit D3 and Zinc, from autumn to spring - of every year - because they support and protect the immune system. Keeping Vit D3 in the Optimal range (rather than merely a sufficient or satisfactory range).. is important. I take Vit D3 all year, not just from autumn to spring.

Quercetin is a zinc ionophore, as is HCQ, and, I think, Ivermectin too, and a few others products. The zinc ionophore better enables the zinc to enter the cells, and the zinc then acts to prevent the replication of viruses within the cells.

Those in power failed, and continue to fail, knowingly & abysmally, in their duty of care to inform the general public. Their only interest and priority was, and is, to push and peddle expensive patented pharma injections & drugs. They are no better than snake oil salesmen, hucksters, backstreet drug dealers.. and the mafia.

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