Parkinson's Movement

What are the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?

What are the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?

"People with Parkinson's often tend to walk leaning forward, in small quick steps as if hurrying, and with reduced swinging of the arms. They also may have trouble starting to walk (hesitation) and stop suddenly (freezing)."

Me (PwP)

"stop suddenly (freezing)" should I be driving?

recently, especially when stressed or nervous or activity, more shaking in my right arm

recently. I notice I need to concentrate to:

1. type on the computer keyboard

2. feeding myself

recently, I notice less freezing when brushing my teeth with my right hand

Cheers, everyone


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Roy - I stopped driving because my feet, especially the right one, do not always move immediately. I worry that in an emergency, I may not hit the brake in time. The shaking in my hands is less of a factor to me. Ultimately, you are the one who has to make the determination of whether it is safe or not. Goodluck.


my husband stopped driving due to having hallucinations. His doctor told him he might miss a pedestrian or see one who isn't there. He was already thinking this. Stiff shoulders and rigid arms may slow down the response of drivers with PD. It was hard for him at first. Now he doesn't have the total concentration that's needed. But note that he sees things I miss and warns me.


PD really is a damned Pest of a complaint. I often think from day to day, what next to look forward to tomorrow?

The best thing is just to get on with it best we can.


Yes, the gift of PD is "mindfulness" paying attention to each moment . Otherwise, disaster! Or spilled coffee :'(


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