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tremors a blessing

tremors a blessing

I think I am doing very well 'controlling' the symptoms and progression through diet. (no scientific proof)

I have chosen Coconut Oil and Nutritional Ketosis

I am lucky to have predominant tremors Parkinson's

Look what condition this woman has experienced in first two years:


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I do not want to scare myself and avoid reading alarming material but once in awhile

I am sucked in. How much can we believe from these medical sites. i.e. getting diagnosed

at my age (63) and having no tremor symtoms increase the likelihood that my symtoms

will be more progressive.


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.I am the same as you chris - i.e i have no tremor and have gone downhill very fast - dx in 2010-

i am now unable to walk and need my husnand to help me constantly - with toilet ing and washing and dressing too - i am completly helpless in fact - i hate it so much and long for the times when i was a partner to my husband and could help hiim in the garden and could cook a meal for him - now i feel so useless and a huge burden too -


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I had pd for over 25 yrs before I had any tremor at all. I have had tremor on my left side for just over a year. I was diagnosed when I was around 42. The progression has been slow.


nutritional ketosis? is that the same thing as a high fat diet?


After long experience w/ no good result I no longer accept the CO and high fat approach


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