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ON THE MOVE (Issue 7) available for free download

ON THE MOVE (Issue 7) available for free download

Parkinson's takes a toll on relationships. Often it's tougher for a wife or husband than for the person with Parkinson's, unexpectedly forced into the role of carer as well.

In this issue we include a series of articles which look at relationships and how they are affected by Parkinson's.

Kat Murphy, recently engaged to a man with Parkinson's, writes courageously of their hopes. Per Riggare, who married a person with Parkinson's more than a decade ago, writes lovingly of a relationship where Parkinson's is not allowed to dominate. Peggy Willocks, approaching her 46th wedding anniversary, writes positively and encouragingly of the strength of their relationship after nearly 20 years of Parkinson's.

A beautiful piece of writing from Greg and Ann Wasson looks at their marriage - one in which both partners have Parkinson's - and the almost unique perspective that offers.

Of course, these stories are only one part of the picture. Shelli Bell and Ryan Tripp each provide a counterpoint where the marriage did not survive. And Victoria Dillon looks at the role of medication in the strains posed in a relationship.

Husbands and wives are only part of the picture, of course, and Steve DeWitte writes tenderly about his mother and daughter. Jon Stamford reports recent data that emphasises the size of the carer burden in PD.

There's no doubt that Parkinson's affects relationships. It's not all good, it's not all bad. But it's all here in On the Move 7. We even throw in a cartoon, book review and a crossword. If we could put chocolate sprinkles on top we would!

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how do you get back issues?


How can we get on the move publication? We live in New Zealand, are we able to get this online?


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