Parkinson's and MS

Hi,I was just wondering,My Movement disorder Doctor is more than willing to register for medical MJ and he said he has to find a reason for him to prescribe it for me,He said well maybe for Pain! My thought well yeah! I get these Spasm in my legs,Like I ran 20 miles and the spasm don't stop with any of the Meds and impossible to sleep ,Also with involuntary movements.A friend of my gave me a joint, Because I wanted to see if MJ would help,I will be totally honest,I take one puff and my Body just relaxes, all my muscles,The joint lasted me a week ,the rigidity in my hand improved and went from 4 hours of sleep to 6 hours,I wouldn;t suggest smoking the whole joint,For myself I couldn't function,I not looking to get high,Im 56 year family man.I have smoke since that joint and the spasm,the movement, the rigidity is back.I just want to know why with MS it is so easy to get Medical MJ prescibe for and Parkinson's it isnt.Do they Do not realize the pain and Spasm that Parkinson Patient go thru,Is just as painful as MS.I feel like people with parkinson's are always at the Bottom of the list on everything.Thank you for your Patients reading this, just venting and upset.

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  • I agree with you completely!

  • I do not know the whys and wherefores of what uses medical mj is approved for or not, but a few things have helped slightly with rigidity and muscle pain (mostly right thigh, hip flexor and quad), for me. They include regularly exercising those muscles, stretching after, and stretching before going to sleep. I also have found that a periodic alignment with a good chiropractor helps. The third thing that has helped a little is hypnosis and then learning self hypnosis to dial down the rigidity as it sets in. That said, the rigidity still keeps me from sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time and 5 or 6 hour per night, but it has kept the pain level down.

  • Casey,

    I smoke everyday 3-5 times, yet an oz last 1 year. As to your Dr: What state are you in? Me, NV. We have to get forms from State Health and Dr fills out. They have many reasons for RX. One being pain. If your Dr is unwilling to give you RX change Dr. My primary Dr is MD and homeopathic DR, 80 years old. He informed me that a lot of the healing powers of MJ are lost when smoked. He suggested making coconut butter with MJ for better healing, not just for pain, but the potential to get off all drugs, including the worst drug, Tylinol. Yes I mean healing , as in no disease. I am recovering from PD. I will be cured within a year.

  • Hi,Thank you for your reply,I live in the state of New Jersey.He said he would fill it out for pain,I would have to Pay $200 for the card,Buy the MJ and he has to keep a separate file a side from the Parkinsons file he keeps on me and a separate $100 office fee,Which will not be covered by insurance,In so many ways he way telling me to get it from friends or other ways,But would more legal to have the card,Everything is a money operation.

  • Good Health to you Casey!

  • landman,

    I appreciate your positive attitude. Have you ever heard of MJ


  • Yes and thank you

  • Stand up for your rights guaranteed by the constitution, Call your governmental representatives and demand that medical marijuana be made available cheaply and easily.

  • Thank you Everyone for you replies.I do want to use Medical MJ In another form,Other than smoking.I do have some lung problems,The other night,I made a tea with mj,I had empty a tea bag and put a small amount in let it sit.It was very relaxing.I would like to try it in a Lolli Pop form.I think the doctor will put down pain,As I explained how painful the spasm are and they are.So many Drs are really not on board with Medical MJ,This Doctor did register for me and a MS patient.Alotof Drs are worried about going onto other drugs,Which I know I am not going to,But they don't realize what benzo or pain killers do and how bad it is to get off,But Prescribe them like candy.Sooner or later drug companies are going to climb on board with Medical MJ.Once again it great to get feedback from everyone on here.Thank you

  • In July my husband tried MMJ, and it was amazing, after one hit you could see his whole body relax. He was prescribed his medical card. What we have found is that he does well with edibles, tincture, very seldom does he smoke as he doesn't like the head high.

    My husband was diagnosed 9 years ago at the age of 44.

  • Tremor and pain relief plus a good nights sleep keeps PD at bay everyday. Thank you Marijuana oil.

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