MJF New series

Nope I havent seen it, and since I don't have TV it will be some time before it reaches my eyes.

So the title of this post is a little misleading sorry for that! Its about 'time'.

Pre-PD I was always busy not always doing the right things but not beating myself up either. Now as I enter probably around my 12/3 year knowingly with this condition, I am determined yo value my time and I don't regret giving TV up as now every moment is precious. Not a single program has passed my eyes, and often I find myself sandwiched in some alien talk about shows I have never heard of and people called 'celebs' whom I haven't a clue about either. So i don't let a single droplet of time spill to the floor, i am careful and treat it wisely.....but I've still a lot to learn!! I think day time TV would be the death of me, PWP have enough trouble with apathy as it is! I say go and kick a huge pile of autumn leaves, or snap the sunrise on your iphone. Whatever you choose to do, sometimes you need to engage the outside world to keep motivated and encouraged. And yes its ok to feel glum, momentarily i hope ! But its far nicer going to embrace you life and max it, essentially without TV.

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  • TIME - nature's way of preventing everything from happening all at once!

  • The problem with time is it seems to happen so quickly

  • Time flies like an arrow...fruit flies like a banana...

  • One secret is to lead as boring a life as possible so that the effect is that time passes more slowly, ergo you live longer- hmm!

  • haha Once I caught on how addicted to drama I was, my new mantra was "Boring is good, boring is good!" and it is, compared to some s**t I go through!

  • Love my TV, love my Facebook, love kicking leaves, love anything I can do and experience, PD or not. whatever floats your boat is good.

  • Saw the show... It was weak. No real story line. It does bring awareness to PD but the writing was poor.

  • I totally agree

  • Many of our Parkinson's support group got together to watch the premiere. The general consensus was it was way too politically correct with a lot of innuendo that wasn't necessary. It was basically a big commercial for NBC and a lot of us felt they took advantage of the show.

    However, when the show was dealing with Parkinson's humor it was really funny. Parkinson's has such a variety of symptoms that vary in intensity from person-to-person it will be hard to touch on each symptom on an individual level that we feel is important to us. Overall though it was good exposure. If they can clean up the script and keep on point by presenting Parkinson's in a "humorously" real manner it just may work.

  • I actually liked the show and yes it will bring PD more into the public conscience, HOWEVER, while the humor was fine, I am concerned that it will show all of the ,"See I can still do things" side of PD which is ok but not show all the things that the public does not have a clue about regarding PD, don't want it to come off even more as , " Oh yeah that shaking disease" instead of the disease that affects almost all your body and mind. If MJF is going to highlight PD then highlight ALL of it.

  • In my opinion, Parkinson's disease is a "Designer's Disease". It effects each of us in different ways. That it can be more physical for some and more mental for others. Some of us can have both. So, no one person can really show what it's like. Let's face it MJF is wealthy and famous, he has everything out there available to him and I'm glad he is willing to get the exposure out there. I do think he should find a way to make the point of how important it is to find a cure and not make an impression that, sure he shakes a little, but it's no big deal. I wish it wasn't!

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