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What a way to start the new year

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So, I was by a pool and my wife and a few others were on the other side they were playing with a ball which would occasionally go astray and I would go retrieve it. One time the ball went astray and I retrieved it and decided I wanted to jump in the pool. I ran and took a jump sort of like a cannonball and kicked my leg up. As I was jumping someone yelled "No don't" and I hit a tarp covering the pool with my back, and scrambled up to grab onto the ledge of the pool, and... woke up on the floor with my water glass spilled all over my night table, all my papers there soaked. RBD is so much fun!

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I'm so sorry. It is good you can find the humor. I got rid of my night table over a year ago, although my RBD is very mild now. Good luck and be careful around the pool.

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docjleonard55 in reply to Bolt_Upright

At least I wasn't fighting big Irishmen in bars, saying "so you think you're a tough guy, huh" I'm 5'5", 135 😆

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So that was a dream?

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Yep, I've had em too. RSBD, short for "REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder" common in PD.

Question is, did you make the save or lose the point? And, did you end up naked in the pool, that can happen too.

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I get vivid dreams that are so true

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My husband has Parkinson’s and has REM Sleep Disorder. He has fallen out of bed and scared me a few times. His doctor put him on low dose Clonazepam before bedtime. He is much better on this medication. Perhaps it would work for you.

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docjleonard55 in reply to Crescendo

Thanks for the suggestion, but I already take Klonapin. I also take Melatonin which is supposed to help

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The dreams I act out always involve water and swimming. One time I surfed myself totally out of the wrong side of the bed and woke up on the floor! Last week I yelled out ‘‘shark’ as a big shark swam by me. I was so pleased I could call out so clearly!

I have found a combination of melatonin and CBD oil before bed helps significantly to reduce the frequency.

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My RBD improved after I started taking safinamide.

See also this PNT article:

Xadago as Add-on Therapy Eases Sleep Disturbances, Pilot Study Finds


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