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The doctor told me the other day, I have an incurable disease.

I thought I hadn't heard him right, would you repeat that please?

Yes, it was true, he had some tests, that quickly concurred,

The statement,"No cure at all," were distressing words.

My first thoughts were, "That's OK. I've climbed a hill before."

But for some odd reason this job seemed,to require a little more.

Yes, I'd climbed some hills and had tough times, I always made it through...

So why should this be different....I didn't have a clue.

The computer taught me well, what the future had in store,

As I read articles and magazines, and printed words galore.

I tried to learn from book to book, what this was all about,

Do I go to bed and stay there, or get angry and start to shout?

Nothing hit my fancy, I didin't have a plan.

I think it all came naturally, due to more that just one man.

My family had weathered many storms, illnesses and deaths.

They all just figured there would be a fight, and took no time to rest.

Mom never thought of giving up, as she faced extraordinary things.

She put on her armor and forged ahead, and knew what courage brings.

My Dad worked hard, and never considered packing up and fleeing,

When the chips were down and the cures not there, they sought a Higher Being.

They knew the value of a friend's heart, their listening ears and caring.

They knew when pain became too great,it lessened while you were sharing.

So thanks mom and dad and all my friends, and of course my loving God.

Thanks for thinking I can handle this,and when it s time give a nod.

For even though this roads not the best, it has its bumps and ridges,

My friends are here, whenever I call, and provide extraordinary bridges.

So, off I go, life is quite a ride, we were never given a map.

We were handed our mind, our hearts and our strength, and really no more than that.

I found as days go by,and this nuisance festers and grows,

Those tools we got? They were enough, and what we don't know God knows.

~Kathy Kronick

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I love this. It is so true, thanks for sharing!! :)


Nice one :) xx


Thank you, so glad you liked it.


Love it!! :-) xx


Thanks for the Share




Beautiful.Well said Kathy


Beautiful thanks for sharing.


Amen to your poem. I too write poetry and it really helps.If i didn't have my faith in God I don,t know where I would be. We have to keep on keeping on,People watch us so we have to show them we are strong.Thank God for family and friends,sometimes they don,t understand,but they are there for us.God bless you and have a wonderful weekend.


Thank you Brooke. "Keep on keeping on!" I like that.


Thanks for sharing.


What a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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