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Turn Off That Music !!

Ah Muzak. Some nights, when I am in the middle of my toss and turn routine, in an effort to fall asleep, I'll conjure up a little diddy that will drive me up the wall. Sometimes it's just a fragment of a song. Sometimes it's just the melody.It's like an all nite singalong. Unfortunately, I have had song lyrics get trapped in my mental recycle bin. Even after I have gotten weary of the song and want to "put on another" it just doesn't go away. So I'll try to think up another song to over ride the one that won't go away. Then that song takes over. There are songs that I try to avoid, [99 Bottles of Beer] and there are songs that I try to recall [When I'm 64], all in my effort to get back to sleep. At some point I realise that I am partying when I should be sleeping. I try to stop The Music by thinking about nothing, but I'll start thinking about which song I'm trying to forget, and it'll creep back. One nite I was obsessing over He's a Rebel and I found myself trying, at the same time , to remember who sang The Song [The Crystals], sort of like double dutying my sleepless nite away. Before I know it it'll be dawn and I'll be able to obsess about Morning Tremors and Constipation.

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Everybody needs a hobby!

I get these "earworms" whenI am exercising and trying to be in the moment.


Funny! I think we've all been there! :) Thanks Joealt for putting a smile on my face! :)


Me too, Joe. Except that the song in my head is at least 3 times quicker tempo than it should be! Have you tried a ballad at breakneck speed?


The Ramones.

One of my favorite songs is "Lemonade" by Coco Rosie. Very mellow. It's on Youtube.


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