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Has anyone gone through the filing process with the US Government for seeking restitution for exposure to Agent Orange?

My father is currently in the process of filing, and I am concerned he is handling it on his own. I would like to connect him with people who have already gone through the process and/or succeeded (hopefully). He has early onset PD and was stationed in Thailand durning the Vietnam War.

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Yes if he can document his tour of duty in Thailand and if he was ever feet down in VN he is covered As of 11/2010 PD was put on the list as a disease attributed to AO He can fast track it thru the VA for monetary compensation and also for medical care. Also contact one or all of veteran organization to help (American Legion or Disabled American Veterans) both will help in getting him covered I have 50% disability and I am applying for better or higher % of disability document his military time and he can have coverage just be patient and persistent


The Parkinson's Action Network actually just came out with another news bite on the 12th in regards to Naval personnel being exposed to AO ( He should be able to get through the process easily due to the recent recognition of that connection of the disease to the exposure of AO. :)


Yes, and it was easy. First find if there is a Veterans Support Group in your area.

They did all the paperwork for me. Took about 90 days for approval. All you need is a Dr.s diagnosis and your DD214 showing Vietnam service. After getting approved I went back and got my disability raised.


Wow. Thank you for all of your quick responses. My father has filed all of his paperwork, but I am concerned as he has been doing all of this on his own. He's a smart guy, but not a lawyer. He is currently in some sort of paperwork holding pattern. He has been for a rather long time now, awaiting approval (or I think determination of his percentage of disability) with no timeline given on when a decision will be reached. I want him to seek some counsel to insure he isn't getting the runaround and that all proper forms/steps have been taken. I was also hoping to hear from some other vets on how long the process was for them to get an idea if this was to be expected. Thank you.


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