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Fathers, Daughters and Dragons

My Father has always been my hero. I wanted to grow up to be just like him. He was there for me no matter what I got myself into.`Dad would slay dragons for me. He taught me to be strong.

My father has Parkinsons,..the meanest, nastiest dragon I have ever seen.. He is still my hero. His wisdom, advice and strength inspire me everyday.. The thing I am proudest of is that he allows me to fight this dragon with him. even though he wields a sword, and I have only a butter knife.

Fathers the best thing you can do for your loved ones is to allow them to fight by your side.Shutting them out does not protect them from the dragons fiery breath..Let them pick up whatever weapons they can find and hack away at it with you.

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Yes, we all need someone beside us to fight the fight with us. Stay strong it's likely to be a long fight with many fiery dragons to slay unless a CURE is found soon. :o)


Couldn't agree with you more....I too shared my Dad's fight and it gave both of us great happiness and strength to be united. Stay Strong.... I know it means so much to your Father!! ;))


How true ... I agree x


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