Banging on again

I know I always go on about drumming, but I find it awesome. 16 months in with no lessons aside from mates and that was 2012 .... suddenly I'm kinda getting it! Right leg not working and the rest takes a bit of cajoling ...... but here you go....


= great work out

= co-ordination practise

= lifts spirits

= is fun

= love music

= no brainer

please. have a shot x

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  • I've heard you play HH. You are good! Great that you also enjoy it as well. :-)

  • hi colleen

    good to hear that hte drumming is still going well!

    where do you practice?

    lol JIll


  • We have a drummer with Parkinson's in our Young Onset Parkinson's group and he is going to run a percussion workshop for us in September.

    You have kindly given me permission to use some of your blogs in our newsletter and we are looking at a packed session.

    Keep on Banging on!


  • I am not a musical person at all, but last year I felt compelled to buy a bongo like drum, so I purchased a djembe drum on ebay. I thought it might help me keep my fingers and hands flexible and help with the tasks that require fine motor skills. Thanks for reminding me, as I put it in the closet over the holidays and forgot about it.

  • Ref your last few blogs... killer dress...certainly was. 50th. .. age is just a number and you most definitely don't let it get in the way. Banging on... you taught lost in audio a lesson today not how to drum but how we should give things a go. From the man in the're a shinning star.

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