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North African adventure part deux


Day 5 EL scorchio as we say in scotland. Beautiful sunshine today so we head to the beach. Although the beach was lovely it was a bit like being on the generation game! All the local merchants ply their trade at the waterside. Everything on offer was walking past. Cuddly toys.....I kid you not and everything from camel rides to cigarettes being on sale.iwas even offered six camels for my wife. I tried to get thirty but no deal. Now we are usually nutter magnets when on holiday and we were just congratulating ourselves on not having ran into any on this trip when the words were hardly out of our mouths when you guessed it we meet the nutter. We got cornered in the bar with a guy, very drunk of course who had been there, done that and of course knew all about Parkinsons and tried to tell me it was all in my mind. Have to say we weren't really in the mood for thar, made our excuses and went to bed.

Forgot to say got new tattoos



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Ow! When your skin peels will the tattoo come off?

parkie-Al in reply to shall1019

No silly they are real,

shall1019 in reply to shall1019

Shows what I know about tattoos.

ouch al - why did you get so burnt ? !!

Thanks P-A! made my day :D

Oh that looks sore x

yeah al

it all looks v sore

lol JIll


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