The Crippled Hippie

In front of

the easel,

I pause,

paint dripping

from my brush,

a slight shake

of my hand,


the canvas

doesn't see.

My head fresh

with ideas,

the bright colors

running through

my veins,

and once

the brush

touches the canvas

my soul

is exposed

and from that place

my world

will be seen

through the

completed picture.

My pain exists

in every stroke

and yet,

I am a strong,




who is neither


or excused

by my disability.

Nothing will stop

the desire

that consumes me

and immerses me

into a world

of freedom,

far from that

of the exposed

"Crippled Hippie".

I want my work

to stand

on "its" own,

to be


by my fellow


and the patrons

who acknowledge

our existence.


14 Replies

  • A lovely poem, thankyou for posting

    Andy x

  • great poem

    keep at it

    love jill :-)

  • Thanks, it says a lot. :)

  • you paint

    with your words

    your existence

    acknowledges itself

    needing neither

    excuse nor definition

    determined to create,

    you create determination



    THX JJ

  • How nice! Thank You!

  • yin and yang

    yang and yin

    you get from life

    what you put in.

  • So true, so true! Although I think my Yin or my Yang may be off because sometimes I feel overwhelmed by what life wants to give me.

  • I believe that I'll start painting again,

    I think it might help diminish my pain

    Youse guys inspire my creativity

    release my mind from captivity

    A brush stroke a brush stroke there

    I feel like I'm back and so is my hair!

    thank you our beauty-filled hippy Crip (?) ex posed(?)

    Trippled Crippled pimpled dimpled dumb

    i want a loaf, but i'll be happy with a crumb!

    flashback off track hair's back, stumble

    i'll win this game if I don't fumble!

    Negativity's relativity theory incarnate

    Painting's activity that doesn't alienate


    Thank you so much, JJ and P-S

    youse guys made me smile Ouch it hurt too!

  • I am blown away by your words and happy that you have found a venue to show us your creativity of words. Can't wait to see what "Youse guys" can do with a paintbrush and an empty canvas! Wow! This site is just filled with some wonderful people!

  • It;s like chillin'

    with Bob Dylan!

  • I'm schmooozing

    with a bruising

    sense of dread


    Marley's, that is

  • I'm shaking

    for a breaking.

    We're scrooged.

  • inspiring. I bought paints a year ago and haven't opened the package. I'm happy if I can post coherently online. Thanks

  • Open the package, then open your soul and pour your beauty out onto the canvas!

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