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Thiamine B1 and the placebo effect

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First of all I do not care if B1 helps or not the mice as long as it is helping me from March 2018. Is that because of the positive placebo effect!? I do not know! I know one time I stopped it for three months and the problems came back. Negative placebo? No idea!

Is the B1 stopping or slowing down the progression? I know that after six years I have only a mild tremor in the RH and some dystonia. Nothing else. I know the c/l does not help too much the tremor compared with my state of mind. If I’m fully relaxed I have almost no tremor no matter if I took c/l or not. If I’m stressed my RH shakes and the c/l does nothing.


On April 29, 22 I had covid for the first time. It was bad on day 1 for about 8 hours and the days 6,7 and 8; otherwise it was like a cold and I’m not vaccinated. I have work fellows 10-15 years younger and vaccinated who had it multiple times and some ended at the ER. About a week ago I read an article stating 42% of the dead were vaccinated people.

Is the vaccine actually working!? The mass-media keeps saying it does even if for some people it does nothing, proving that the propaganda induced placebo effect does not exists. But who knows, maybe for other people is really working or maybe the placebo is doing the job!?

Based on my rough statistics on this forum it seems B1 is helping 80% of the people, so much higher percentage than the vaccine which was proved on the mice.

13 Replies
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Glad you're doing well! I'm going to start be one again as soon as I figure out what dose 2 start at.

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What supplements do you take and how much?What else do you do that is working?

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I started B1 at 2g/day for one year and settled to 1g/day. I take also 2000 IU and 500mg C. I think the last two helped a lot with covid but B1 removed all the non-motor issues and I had a lot (insomnia, anxiety, depression, bathroom urgency, balance, fatigue, lack of concentration etc.). The single issues left are some dystonia and a mild tremor in RH which I hope to have them fixed with the FUS in Switzerland.

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ion, I am glad B1 works so well for you and for so many others. I have continued to take it ever since we discovered Dr. C, although I cannot say that it does anything for me.

My guess is that it benefits 10% - 20%.

Daphne might have a better guess.

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Thanks Marc. Soon I'll go to Sonimodul for the preliminary check. I hope they will operate me and be PD free.

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At he end of June.

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ion, Good for you. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that you are accepted.

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Marc, do you take any form of niacin? I wonder if you have also experienced no affect from other forms of B?

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I take niacin on & off, mostly off -- lately. I take a B multi (which has a 100 mg of each B,) 100 mg B1 sublingual, and 1,500 mg of B1 orally most days.

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Just for my info: how much b1 are you taking every day?

It looks it wold for me too. I just find it difficult to define the right dosage

All the best

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Is the vaccine actually working!?

Rhetorically speaking, I assume, Ion_Ion! :)

Best, concise post I ever read here. Congrats!!!

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