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I'm optimistic

I'm optimistic

First things first, i'm happy to be alive on this beautiful morning. I tackled and comlpeted

2 projects this morning. They were a mess until I decidided to take over. WHat do I owe this burst of optimism too?

1. I've been given an infusion of SEROTONIN. I sit in a comfortbable chair, my alternative doctor attaches terminals to my ears and i meditate for an hour. You don't feel the change, but by the next day, as he told me, Well. you see the result. Google seritonin

2. Not all doctors are created equal. Next week I"m going to a new doctor that i am extremely

excited about. Hes 2 hour drive from me, but I wont give that a thought. He is and I quote,

"AN INNOVATIVE DOCTOR FOR INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE.'" In other words, he tries many modalities; chelation, iV's, homeopathy, hormonal therapies imcluding HGH, etc. He believes there are many paths to health. I wont give you his name YET. Let me write of my first impression next week.

Good luck to us all,


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Looking forward to hearing more.


Absolutely wonderful to hear your news!! Please keep us posted....rock on Gary :)


Always good to hear optimism! When you say an infusion of Serotonin, do you mean an injection? Can't wait to hear more from you on alternative therapies, sometimes I think my meds are slowly killing me, but unfortunately need them to be able to function at all. I wish insurance covered homeopathic and alternative therapies, unfortunately, few can afford them. Good Luck and waiting to hear more.


Good for you, Gary. I have been seeing homeopathic MD also. My Parkinson came from lead poisoning. I have had 80 chelations. I also found healing with HBOT. Hyper barick oxygen therapy. What I like about my Dr is that he treats the body, not the disease. You will enjoy this site. fightingparkinsonsdrugfree.... Good luck & report back on your journey.

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Very interesting Landman. Can you tell us more about the lead poisoning and explain chelattions. Many thanks



I extracted this from where I am treated.

Regenacell is the result of research and experience in the treatment of chronic degenerative disease that has been ongoing for more than 40 years. Safe and effective treatments for several chronic illnesses, such as atherosclerosis, are now available as a result of new discoveries and advanced technology in Europe in combination with EDTA chelation in the United States.

EDTA chelation therapy began in 1948 in Detroit, Michigan, as a result of experiments conducted by a group of physicians who were treating patients with lead poisoning. EDTA removes lead, a heavy metal, from the blood stream and body stores when given intravenously to patients. At the time of these experiments, a coincidental finding was the marked improvement in atherosclerosis following in patients receiving intravenous EDTA. These results were first reported in the American medical literature in 1950. Historically, EDTA and other chelating agents have been used since their discovery to treat a variety of disorders. It has been used in the treatment of the following:

Lead and cadmium poisoning


Snake venom toxicity

Many types of calcinosis (abnormal calcium deposits)

I.V. chelation treatment might take (1.5 or 3 hours, depending on your schedule.

Hope this helps. Good health to you. Steve


Many thanks Landman. There's obviously some quiet and effective work going on down in Nevada.


Great! good luck I sincerely hope that you find immense relief. Please keep us posted!


Hi - just came across this post searching for serotonin.

I would be interested to hear if you had an update for us.


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