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Quitting taking C/L


Has anyone quit taking C/L? The neurologist is gradually taking my husband off the C/L by decreasing his dosage until he's off in 14 days. Did you have side affects while doing this?

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What is C/L?


Thank you. I currently on Stalevo 100 mg 5 per day. I would be scared to come off these. Is there a reason why your husband is being taken off the drugs? Tony

meds were not working for him.

I wish your husband well and hope things get sorted. Tony


I am currently taking C/L.

I did come off Sinemet to quickly and had a leg muscle get so tight I could hardly walk! Took a physical therapist to figure out what was wrong.

Coming off of Requip was very difficult. I’m sure it felt like someone who was coming off of illegal drugs. Don't ever want to go thru that again.

may i ask why he is being taken off ?

Gloria-John in reply to shasha

because the meds have not helped and was getting worse. They are thinking he may have been mis-diagnosed. If not, will have to try another med.

i have PSP and one way of diufferentiating it form PD is that the C/L or AMANTADINE does nto work

it may be worth him seeign his neuro again or another 4 a 2nd opinion

i woudl not wish PSP on anyoen but at least it accounts for my health probelms to date

and i am upbeat abotu that = 12 months since diagnosis

love jill

tlongmire in reply to jillannf6

What is PSP?

jillannf6 in reply to tlongmire

PSP IS PROGRESSIVE SUPRANUCEAR PALSY - IOKe CBD AND MSA Arare type of parkinsoons with no meds to help

it affects different part fo the brain from parkinsosn and causes falllsetcetc

but HEY i had to google it on diagnosis and u cna do hte same

love jill

tlongmire in reply to jillannf6


Diagnosed with PD in Oct., 2010. Although I had most of the symptoms I chose not to use meds since they do not stop progression of the disease. At neurologist's suggestion I started on C/L in earlly 2011, noticed no change in symptoms, but nausea after each pill. Withdrew without problems and am trying dopamine agonists, am currently on Ropinorole. No adverse affects so far. Wish you well. .

I went off in 7 days reducing the amount every 2 days. I had no side effects, to the contrary, I felt great!

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