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Hi! My Hubby got diagnosed wiv P C and secondary Liver on Halloween's 2011, his Chemo started on the 27/01/2012, but has stopped for now!

He is still getting pain where he had the Liver Biopsy, altho the Doctor at Christie's said he shouldn't b in pain as everything looked fine and his Tumours have all shrunk down and now look soft as tho they r melting! Is this normal or does he have some kind of infection...he is 60 and was a Coach Driver!

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Hi Ellie,

So sorry to hear that your hurband was diagnosed with PC, but happy to hear that he's receoving treatment which will hopefully delay growth for him. Good news that they're shrinking. I would think that pain around the biopsy is normal, although I haven't any experience of this, my Dad was too far advanced for any treatment other than palliative care.

If you're worried about the pain, have a word with your GP, ours were wonderfully supportive.


My fellow has just been operated on for PC and another primary on the liver can you believe so they could still operate. I will say though that when they did a biopsy on the liver originally via keyhole, it was sore and painfull for about 3 weeks.

Lots of luck and hope this helps.

Gaynor (2dogs)


Thanks for your replies Jayne and's Husband though, had he's Liver Biopsy done in December's now almost the end of June 2012...when he had his Biopsy done he had to be rushed next Day by Ambulance to Hospital because he had bleeding on his Liver after it...he had to have Antibiotics on a Drip...we think although his CT Scan results last week showed the Tumours had shrunk even more..he thinks he has got some kind of infection there...we've got an Appointment this Wednesday...just hoping his Doc can sort it out! Good Luck to u's too and it has helped! Thanks!



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