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Pain in right upper abdomen

Hi, I am 38 year old female and have unexplained pain in right upper abdomen for 3 years. I have had bloods checked CT and ultrasound done. The pain is just under ribs . I felt some lumps in the area but Dr said it’s nothing to worry.

I was diagnosed with fatty liver and before that my gall bladder was taken out 8 years ago due to repetitive pancreatitis . This pain is getting worse and I am so worried about me and my little kids.

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Sorry can't help you as I had so few but random symptoms and they were investigating my kideny when they found the pancreatic cysts. Can only suggest you speak to your doctor again and explane your concerns. Ģood luck


Oh my goodness! I’ve been experiencing terrible upper right quadrant pain for 5 months now. Dr says I have a fatty liver or possible disease from hepatitis. I also have pain right where my pancreas is and I got my test results that my lipase was low and the tail of my pancreas looked abnormal. My grandfather passed of pancreatic cancer. I’m scared.


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