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Is it hereditary? & private screening

Can anyone advise if private screening for Pancreatic Cancer is available in UK and if so where and approximate costs?

My brother and I lost our father and eldest brother to PC within 7 months of each other just over a year ago and was very sudden. Our own doctors have told us it is not inherited despite we all having diabetes and having similar digestion problems. We are both early 50s and really concerned this is hereditary and we may be next but doctors won't agree for screening on NHS.

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I lost my Dad in 2011 and we only got his diagnosis of PC afterwards. At the time my Mum and I asked his consultant if it was hereditary or linked with ovarian cancer as we lost my Nan (Dads Mum) to it. We were told no.

However, I've recently had a private health screen through my husbands work and a mammogram picked up abnormalities. I was referred via NHS for further tests and the specialist went through family history and has referred me to the genetic centre in Oxford (Churchill Hospital). It seems that ovarian, breast, pancreatic, and prostate can be linked genetically.

I've not had any results or discussions yet as having more tests tomorrow but I am also interested.

I would imagine that if there is a link, closer monitoring is needed. I know there is no national screening programme currently available but there is a screening study being carried out by EUROPAC (European European Registry of Hereditary Pancreatitis and Familial Pancreatic Cancer)

Hope this helps :)


Thank you so much and good luck with your tests. Guess I will have to book private for screening and see if can be discussed at least




I would certainly drop EUROPAC an email as it looks like you would have entry criteria for their familial pancreatic cancer (families with two or more first-degree relatives (parent, sibling, offspring) with pancreatic cancer)

It would certainly give your GP the evidence for referral but also help push the need for national screening on the NHS.

Hope it all goes well :)


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