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Trying to help my Mum

My Mum had the whipple proceedure in early April this year.

She is well apart from, pain in her upper stomach above her scar. It is ver hard to the touch above it, on one side.

She is struggling to walk because of this pain, so this is obvuously getting her down. Has anyone else had this problem. How long did it take to get better/heal keep reading people back to work after six weeks, but cant see how this is possible.

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Hi Nic,

Have you mentioned it to the doctor? Scar tissue does cause problems in lots of post op cases, although I can't speak for the Whipples because I have no experience of it. All I can suggest is that you have a word with a health professional.


Yes spoken to doctor not really got any answers.

Just wondering how long it took others to recover.


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