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RE-treatment last night

Just want to thank a few staff members when I was taken in by ambulance and the ambulance men,

Especially as pain, and pain that you would not believe, started with just a little pain in my kidney area but movrd rather quickly which just left me in pain like nobodies business, I've always managed to find a position that makes the pain bearable, but these pains were so bad that I could only moan.

Since being discharged by the Big Cheese, I have not fallen since being discharged, it's my usual answer when questioned by staff in this trust, because if Isaid I had fallen, then it's always hinted that if I said I'd fallen then they would treat me as a new patient, i WONDER WHY ? bUT NO AMOUNT OF PRESSURE 'will make me Lie about my condition, every time I go to a my gp' (since gone) and it was her insistence about If, and again was hinted that I would be treated if i said I'd fallen then I could be treated.

Well no amount of pressure will make me lie, especially peer pressure. you see I know, and managedd to work out certain behaviour towards me from the beginning Because I knew I was suffering with this pain and it's since been proven to me, (ME'

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