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Well it looks like I will be moving to Berwick very soon, as work on my property is involved in the Morpeth flood protection scheme, we might feel different at a later date we will wait and see.

My voluntary work with the health service will also change in the coming weeks and I will be given a further area of interest then, possibly not in mental health or dementia, something new.

What I am saying is I will most probably still be here and my interests will change as most of the departments that are down south near Newcastle are too far away although I have been to several meetings up here.

The main reason I write this is life changes, no matter if we are in pain or not, we all need to grasp the thistle and run with it, life for me is becoming interesting with new challenges even at my time of life. I may be able to use tickets that I used in the seventies so I relish a change with more people to meet in different situations

My doctors surgery moves into its new building in April, so there is a closure there as well.

When I first came on this site, my first blog was regarding pain and being alive. This is now how I feel, I may suffer pain , but that does not stop me doing new things and take challenges.I am the same as everyone we mutter and grumble with the crosses we have to bare, we need something that takes away the sting of disability

All the very best, do not let the world get you down



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My dad has always said there are only two certainties in life : change and death. I say in reply "it's being so cheerful that keeps you going." But I know what he means. The world doesn't stand still.

Good luck Bob.


Good luck!


I would like to wish you well with all the changes in your life.

No doubt it will be a mixed road, I am sure you will cope well with the rough patches and skip happily along the smooth. Good time of year for these change in directions, you have a wonderful approach to life, long may this continue.

Good luck Bob.



As they say " a change is as good as a holiday" I wish you all the best in the future, Ann


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