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We are unamused

We are unamused

Bit of this

The security man is seriously unamused.

!st I pop something behind the info desk to pick up latter without getting permission.

Then I spot the bubble wrap on the floor. Even I am surprised by the alarming noise it makes as I revert to a child and give it a stamp. But I do own up.

As I leave the shop filled with shame I bump into Uncle Michael. Uncle Micheal is a long lanky teenager who for the last 2 yeas has fetched up at school every afternoon ferrying his disabled sisters 2 young children. He has never been late and was even per-swayed to join us on a trip to the local farm where a young unmarried mum and he practiced their flirting skills.

He will never afford driving lessons let alone a car and I was impressed to see that he had discovered the perfect mode of transport. He arrived at school one day on his sisters mobility scooter. Trying hard to look the James Bond. He plonks the children on at pick up time and away he zooms.

It cheered me up to see him again. And to see that he is still as enterprising as ever. The children have now moved to a school much further away and he was wheeling them both in a wheel chair.

I don't know any one that sees the funny side of this except me. He was the talk of the staff room and even the mums were scandalized at such a flout of the rules. But you have to take your hat of to his commitment to the children. And his attempt to make his own life a bit easier.

Bit of that

Whippet is also unamused. He doesn't understand British summertime has ended and we have returned to Greenwich mean time, he has been pestering me for tea for the last hour. By now he stress levels have soared he has started shaking and moaning. A man who likes his meals on the dot is whippet.

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I wrote a poem some years ago about my hamster's reaction to the clock change! Whippet looks gorgeous! The pet rats didn't seem bothered.


We frequently encounter people at work who have mobility scooters & dogs. Ths dogs are sometimes overweight as a result of having too many scooter rides! (My mum had a cat when she was young, who would go out looking for my grandad at 6pm so that it could have a ride on grandad's bike).


I love the idea of grandad having to give the cat a joy ride. Thankyou for sharing that. It quite cheered me up. I knew an overweight dog once who masters favorite game was rolling maltesers for it. I should think they had shares in the company.


my 2 budgies don't understand bst and want to be fed and the big light of on their time.

I could take them out on my scooter but, sadly,doubt they'd be there when I got back.


I've seen a scooter with a trailer on the back!


How do the budgies let you know they are fed up. I think you should take them out one on each shoulder. People would want to take their picture and you could charge. You have film stats in the fluttering in the wings.



they land on my head and won't come onto my hand, they keep flying back and to until I switch the light off /feed them / put the light on. etc...

if t's their bedtime and bobby thinks the tv is too loud [?] he scutters and sometimes says "night night! or does the land-on-the-head trick.

She screeches sometimes.

they're funny, clever, 2 ounce bundles of fluff.



Those budgies have more between their ears than whippet. How clever of them. I am expecting him to go and shut himself in the downstairs loo at the first bang of a fire work.


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