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What were you doing?

It is 15 years ago since Lady Diana died. I know exactly what I was doing. I was on one of the many stints in the children's ward with one sick son. A nurse told me. I changed shifts with man about the house and went home for the day. And every one I ran into told me too.

I know this is utterly ridiculous, and I have only just remembered it. But said son had to attend clinic on Wednesdays. I found it stressful, but every time I walked up to the main enterance I always thought of Lady Di standing in a mine field and thought if she can do that then surely I can survive a morning in clinic.

I carried that image for every single visit for years.

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Thank you Nedd, That was absolutely beautiful. I remember that day also, seems so long ago and yet like it was just yesterday!!!!!! What a beautiful person she was!!!!!


What a lovely comment. I also remember exactly where I was. I was on holiday and my daughter phoned to give me the news. I didn't believe her. Once a Princess, always a Princess, at least in my eyes.


I remember my husband and I had arranged to take my parents on a whale watching tour here in Australia, but dad was too sick to come so Mum went on her own. When we brought her home in the easrly evening my father met us at the door and said Diane has been killed in an accident. It was obvious he was shocked and like he was telling us he had just heard his best friend had died. We asked him Diane who and he just kept saying you know Diane Diane - then Mum said do you mean Diana Princess of Wales and he said yes. We were all shocked but I remember thinking we had been seeing the Whales and they were such beautiful creatures and she was a beautiful creature too. Every year when it is whale migration season i think of her and the wonderful contribution she made to the world!! I will never forget the sorrow on my Dad's face and yet he was not a royalist at all. He just couldn't believe such a beautiful life had been blown out like a candle in the wind.


Thanks to everyone for sharing their memories. She had a special inner beauty. I think like Fibrofog's father lots of us felt we had lost friend. I didn't believe the news either Court. It seemed totally unbelievable that someone so vibrant could cease to exist. Tiger is right once a princess always a princess. How Elton John sang Candle in the wind without shedding a tear I will never know. Still does it to me now. And where have the last 15 years gone!


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