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hi all just finished pain management course 6 weeks arthritis pain it suits all types of pain and conditions 6 to 8 in group was not sure wot to expect .... it was very helpful and helped all i would recomend it to all if you are offered this opertunity . very worth while it looks at so many angles etc and offers other oppertunitys at end and every one has similer problems good luck all

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  • Thanks that is nice to know. I am booked into one in Oxford.

  • good luck nedd you should find it very helpfull

  • I went on one 3 year's ago,, it gave me back my life.

  • I an having a lot of pain in my knee, back and both hips at the moment. Am going to see physio at the moment so will ask her whether I could get on a course. Incidentally have been told by Consultant, GP and Parkinsons Nurse that these pains are not Parkinson related. I am not so sure.

  • sounds like arthritis court. they dont like giveing dianoses.hope you get course gl .hope all goes well

  • It is good practice to do detail study under pain management and about its treatments. There are best pain reliever medications approved by FDA you can do details study / survey on that as part of your assignment or case studies. you can take reference from this-

  • That is really useful to know and I'm glad it has helped you and will help many others. I went to an introduction to a Pain Course 3 years ago and they basically said they focus on trying to balance your pain and take your time etc instead of "peaking and diving" - which of course makes sense however I work as a Support Worker and so can not choose when I do what in order to acheieve this so I declined believing that I wouldn't be able to follow what needed to be done. Can you clarify if I have the wrong end of the stick or not? Would I be able to complete the course effectively with my job being one in which I am not entirely in control of my activity?

  • Go on the course and learn some useful stuff, and even if you can't apply all of it to your job there's bound to be some helpful stuff you can do. Talk to the people running the course and explain your situation, and they may be able to help you adapt things to suit you.

    Can you speak to your employers about the pain and the strategies you will need to employ? They should be offering you support -after all, it's in their interests to keep you at work rather than needing time off sick.

  • Nothing is ever wasted.

    Life is about more than work.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Pain is all consuming and the more tools in the tool box the more I personally can go with the flow. If nothing else it helped me to stop feeling guilty for having to change my life. And informed my understanding of the beast.

    Good luck. While true it won't rid you of it maybe you will start to have a few better minutes within.

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