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Thoughts on microdiscectomy surgery?


Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping to get some feedback on microdiscectomy surgery.

I have a large L4-L5 disk herniation and have had varying degrees of sciatic pain since August 2019. The exact wording on the MRI report is:

"Large right paracentral disk herniation compressing the proximal right L5 nerve root agains the adjacent facet and causing posterior displacement of the right-sided nerve roots. The epidural canal is capacious.

The conus is anatomic. Neural foamina are patent throughout. There is no spinal or lateral recess stenosis."

Most of my pain is in my right buttock and calf. As stated above, my pain has ranged from severe (I went to the Emergency room after a coughing fit) to mild (I can walk about 40 minutes at a brisk pace, albeit with discomfort). Lately it seems as though, at least from a pain perspective, things are improving.

The one aspect of the condition that I am having a great deal tolerating is the lack of sleep. I can't lie down flat on my bed and so I've been sleeping on my recliner which doesn't afford me good quality sleep.

I'm a fit 35 y/o female and desperately want to get back to my life pre-herniation. I just need some advice on whether or not microdiscectomy surgery is worth it. Especially given that my pain is not severe (as least not during the day, when I'm vertical).

Thank you,

Dreah M

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Hi there, difficult to say. I had extreme pain and slow onset cauda equine so had a microdiscectomy one level below yours. Had some odd uncommon issues afterwards. I felt quite a lot better though until it went again twice and I had the same op again twice. Since then it went again and I had a fusion so it can’t happen anymore now. Wether I would have done it if it had been less severe and without CE? Possibly not. However sleeping in a recliner is definitely not good. I think you should force yourself to sleep in your bed, my recliner is and was always the best as well but I did not give in at night. Once you have persevered for a while I would then revisit the question again.

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