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Airing Pain 117. Patients as Research Partners

The next instalment of Airing Pain is out now, discussing the involvement of patients in research. Watch the trailers here!

Find the full programme on our website

Involving patients in researching their own condition – it seems logical, so why is it not more common? Listen as Paul Evans discusses the benefits, challenges and future of including patients as research partners. With professionals, patients and policy leaders.

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Thanks for the post. Having been talking about this subject of patients doing their own investigation for at least 6 years.

Citizen science is now accepted. There is a new phrase which has come into existence. Community Science.


There is also this

Patient need tools to do their own investigations. They need education to develop means of investigating. Statisticians talk about trials of many patients. As soon as I talk to them of trial of patient to multiple types of treatment I get very blank looks. It is something that has not been considered.


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