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Severe back pain


Hi everyone

I'm new to all this , I need to get my pain under control because I've gone from walking upto 20,000 steps a day to almost nothing 😔 Because I've had a massive flare up of a usually controlled degenerative spinal condition

Previous to all of this I had battled to loose 2 stone

I have now gained 2.5stone , I have never been this big and I hate it

I am currently taking 100mg of Amitriptaline each night and I wear a morphine patch ,anyone who takes Amitriptaline will know it increases your appetite

Any advice would be welcomed

I have an appointment with pain management but it's not until 02/10

I'm not sure I can wait that long

Thanks x

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Hi i came from the Dr's Friday and She offered me Amitriptaline for Pain i said no cause of the weight problem , at the moment i'm on Tramadol 100ml but its playing with my emotions one min i'm up next down , iv'e been offered surgery but turned that down cause i hear bad things ! Can you please tell me what else you been offered or has anyone else had these emotions over Medication , Thank you

Welcome on board.

Flair ups are caused by over doing things when you feel well and pain seems to be under control. Its a boom and bust cycle.

I don't know how long you have been wearing your patches or what strength but you have to learn to pace yourself. Never mind how much you used to do...chronic pain doesn't allow that past life any longer.

Weight is a problem for many. Less activity due to pain. Of course 'experts' say less exercise more. Love experts!

Yes it is cruel but it is something pain management teaches you....clue is in the

Something you will find useful before going to your ap is to keep a diary. Write down everything you do, pain levels on 1 to 10 scale.

The dose of Amitriptyline you are currently on is at the level it becomes an anti depressant. For pain control it is usually under 75


I think research is coming up with some ideas about pain.

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