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Pudendal Neuralgia


About 6 months ago I started hurting in my pelvic area. I was having numbness In my left libea but also having this throbbing pain from my left buttock all the way down, in between my left leg and libea. It hurt when I sat down and I had a hard time using the bathroom. My doctor asked me if I had a saddle block when I had my two boys, and I told him yes I did. So he sent me for an MRI and it came back as mild annular disc protrusion and several cysts in the sacral canal at the S2 and S3 level and also Gastric distention. I'm not sure what the last one is but I have to see a neuro surgeon and was set up with an appt to see a gynecologist. I heard this is rarely seen. I'm just hoping that this can be fixed because I hurt all the time and it has given me panic attacks and I get so depressed. I have to wear either dresses or loose clothing because it hurts if anything touches my bottom area.

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