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what apain


i have been on here before and after 18months of doctors test and waiting for results i think i have a result restricted cardiomyopathy or as the consultant called it a stiff heart so they have increased my satins put me on water tablets and basically said go away deal with it so i am ,losing weight first because one of the drugs has made me have no appetite and i have constant diarrhea ,so cant walk in the mornings so got a exercise bike near the loo,whats that saying go forth and heal they self

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Do you think it's the medication causing an upset stomach? If so you need to tell your docter about lack of appetite and loose stools so that he can try you with something else. If your not happy with your GP then see someone else in the practice or change to a different surgery but either way don't be pushed to one side. Hope they sort you out soon so that you can get some normality back in your life.

alfieno1 in reply to lowlife

i told him that all he could say was stop taking the meds i was to shocked to reply to him

I think it's time you saw a different doctor. You need medication for your problem so it's not a matter of Don't Take It Then.

I was interested to read your post my husband is having similar problems. When you exercised did you get chest pain and when you stopped for a few minutes did it go away.

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